Agrison ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Operating Manual

Agrison ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Operating Manual
Agrison ATS

SGQ Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is used in conditions from AC660V 50/60HZ to DC250V which under electromagnetism drive structure. SGQ ATS can make fast load transfer (transfer from <80ms) of 2 way power supply. Also ATS can be widely used in high buildings, post, telecommunications, mines, ships, industry, health care, military facilities and so on. 2way power can be grid, auto start genset, storage battery and etc.

SGQ Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) adopts the structure of magnet coil driving and interlocking of electric and mechanical. The structure of major loop contact consists of one dynamic and two static contacts. And the dynamic contact is in “V” type design, in order to ensure there is no short circuit of the 2 way power supply. “N” and “T” type use structure of double coils wile “M” type uses single coil operation, that only energizes the coil while it is transferred can extremely extend the using life of the switch. The control power of coil is supplied from priority AC power, so there is no need to add.

Installation and Debugging
The installation and debugging of ATS must be operated by qualified electrician who have extensive knowledge about the switch device. Protection and preventive measures must be considered during the operation. The connection of switch major loop must make its down-lead away from any pressure and strong force. Before installation and debugging, it is necessary to check if there is any damage to switch or any harmful condition. Meanwhile, check if the wire connection is loose during transportation.

Also clean the smudge, especially any smudge on the surface of insulation parts. The smudges could be caused from the packing materials during transportation or storage. When connecting main loop, make sure that phase sequences of 2 way power are as same. Operators must strictly follow to wiring diagram in the manual when connecting to the second loop and pay attention to control the voltage class of power. Switch must be grounded when installing. Operators must consider personal safety and rapidity of switch transfer, the debugging handle should only be used for testing and use should never operate it with load. When debugging, use the handle to operate the switch firstly. If everything goes well you can start the power-driven operation with manual button. ATS enters into normal running when there is no error