Zoomlion Hirschmann HC3901 Operation Manual

Zoomlion Hirschmann HC3901 Operation Manual
Zoomlion Hirschmann HC3901 Operation Manual ZCC1100H 20140804

The load moment indicator HC3901 (hereinafter referred to as LMI) is applicable to the telescopic boom crane, lattice boom crane, all- terrain crane and other types of cranes. The Zoomlion Hirschmann HC3901 LMI can provide the crane operator with essential information required to operate the crane within its design parameters. Using different sensors, LMI can provide the crane operator with information on real time basis regarding boom length, boom angle, working height, working radius, rated load and actual weight being lifted by the crane

The system operates on the principle of reference/real comparison. The boom angle is measured by angle sensor that is mounted on the boom. The crane load is measured by force transducers attached to the boom pendants. The real value, resulting from all the sensors measurement is compared with the reference data, stored in the controller. If non-permitted conditions are approached, the LMI will warn the operator by audible alarm, warning light and at the same time, some dangerous movements such as lifting and luffing down will be stopped with the help of the crane control system. This manual only gives guide for the LMI operation. Please refer to the Crane Operator’s Manual provided by the crane manufacturer for detailed operating procedures of the crane. Zoomlion Hirschmann HC3901 Operation Manual, Zoomlion Hirschmann HC3901 User Manual,Zoomlion Hirschmann HC3901 Owner's Manual.

The LMI and control system is an operational aid that warns a crane operator of approaching overload conditions and of over-hoist conditions that could cause damage to equipment and personnel. The device is not, and shall not, be a substitute for good operator judgment, experience and use of accepted safe machine operating procedures.

Zoomlion Hirschmann HC3901 Controller
HC3901 controller uses 16 bit high performance processors and the CANopen communication technology. It is the safety protector specially designed to meet the required safety standards under the harsh environment.
Technical data:

  • Operating temperature: –20°C ~ +70°C.
  • Operating voltage: 11 ... 36V DC
  • Operating current: 200mA@24V
  • Communication interface: 1×CANopen, 1×RS232
  • Installation: External and horizontal
  • Display Size: 5.7 inch
  • Program memory: 2 x 2 MB
  • Data memory: 2 x 1 MB
  • Communiacation interface: 1×SAEJ1939,1×CANopen2.0B,2×RS232
  • Input analog: 6
  • Input digital: 6
  • Output digital: 6 (It can be set to PWM output, but it will reduce the no. of output digital.)
  • Relay output: 1 (max. 5A)
  • Protection class: IP65

When the system is on, it’s forbidden to plug and unplug the cable connecting with the controller. Before implementing any welding work on the crane body, the operator must take off cables connecting the controller in order to avoid damage. This system uses scaffolding installation.

Zoomlion Hirschmann WG Angle Sensor
Angle sensor WG accurately measures the boom angle. The high sealed housing keeps the inside component away from the influence of temperature, humidity etc.
Technical data

  • Measuring range: 0-90°
  • Output signal: 4-20mA
  • Linearity tolerance: <±0.2°
  • Hysteresis tolerance: <±0.1°
  • Operating temperature: -25~+70
  • Storing temperature: -40~+70
  • Protection class: IP65

The correct positioning is important for installing angle sensors. The angle sensors are usually installed along the right side boom, at the inner side of boom base, if it’s viewed from the boom base to boom tip. (as shown below). Make sure the horizontal line of sensor is parallel to the horizontal center line of the boom. Adjust the bolts of the sensor to reduce the angle deviation between actual measured boom angle and displayed boom angle on the console.

OPERATION METHOD and PROCESS (only for example)
When controller and console of the system is powered on, the data initialization automatically starts. This progress cannot be directly observed, but a welcoming display (Logo display) will appear at the console to present the manufacturer and the initializing status. The crane drivers shall be very familiar with the operation of LMI system and correctly adjust it before start to work.


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