Zoomlion Crawler Crane ZCC1100H Manuals PDF

Zoomlion Crawler Crane ZCC1100H Manuals PDF
Zoomlion Crawler Crane ZCC1100H

As an important part of the crane, please keep the manual with you all the time! The value given in the lifting capacity chart is the permissible maximum lifting capacity, which is obtained from calculation when the load is suspended (according to the standard ASME/ANSI B30.5). The value can not exceed 75% of the minimum overturning lifting capacity when the crane is on firm and flat ground. The operator should restrict or reduce the lifting capacity of the crane basing on adverse conditions (for example, soft or uneven ground, different leveling conditions of the ground, influence of the wind force, side load and swinging, lifting operation by more than one crane). If possible, make the foundation according to higher requirements to ensure safety coefficient. Except assembly configuration (SA), the lifting capacity in all other configurations is obtained when the crane is working with 61740 Lbs (28t) rear counterweight and 22050lbs (10t) central counterweight in 360° range. The crawler carriers of the crane are extended completely. Do not lift a load in the area which is not in the lifting capacity range, otherwise the crane may topple over or be damaged. The value in the chart is the maximum lifting capacity of the crane, including the weight of lifting device, hook, wire rope at the end of hook and so on. And the weight of wire rope is calculated as 2.0Lbs/ft (3kg/m). The value in bold is the lifting capacity determined by the strength of the machine, while the value that is not in bold is the lifting capacity determined by the stability of the machine. The sign “*” in the chart indicates that the load capacity of the crane can be completed with the help of special equipment. The sign “*/*” in the chart indicates “lifting capacity/radius”.

The manual has been translated to be best of our knowledge. Zoomlion assumes no liability for translation errors. The Chinese version of the OPERATOR’S MANUAL is solely applicable for factual accuracy. Zoomlion Crawler Crane ZCC1100H Manuals,Zoomlion Crawler Crane ZCC1100H User Manuals,Zoomlion ZCC1100H User Manuals

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The OPERATOR’S MANUAL is an important part of the crane. If the crane becomes the property of a different person, make sure that the manual stays in the cab of the crane. The data (data, specifications, illustrations) in this manual is for cranes in production at the time of this manuals publication. We reserve the right to make changes to this manual at any time, without obligation.

This manual contains the instructions and data on the safety and operation of the crawler crane. Follow the operation procedures to make sure that your machine operates at MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY. The operator must keep this manual in the cab of the crane.

Read this manual and familiarize yourself with any associated documents before operating this crane. Ensure that a copy of this manual is available to any person installing, using, maintaining or repairing this equipment. Training should be provided to ensure safe working practices. To avoid the risk of electric shock, always isolate this equipment from the power supply prior to carrying out any maintenance adjustment or removing any guards or covers. Always follow the procedures outlined in the Operator’s Manual and Maintenance Manual.