Western Star 4700, 5900, 4800, 6900, 4900, 5700 Service Manual

Western Star 4700, 5900, 4800, 6900, 4900, 5700 Service Manual
Western Star 4700, 5900, 4800, 6900, 4900, 5700 Maintenance Manual

Western Star Foreword
When performed on a regular basis, lubricating the parts of your vehicle is the least costly way of obtaining safe and reliable vehicle operation. Added benefits and savings occur when you check that the engine, undercarriage, and noise emission control parts are in good working order during lubrication.

IMPORTANT: The maintenance operations in this manual are not all-inclusive. Also refer to other component and body manufacturers’ instructions for specific inspection and maintenance instructions. Perform the operations in this maintenance manual at scheduled intervals based upon distance traveled or hours of operation. Perform daily, pretrip inspection and maintenance as outlined in the Western Star Driver’s Manual page.

IMPORTANT: Descriptions and specifications in this manual were in effect at the time of printing. Western Star Trucks reserves the right to discontinue models and to change specifications or design at any time without notice and without incurring obligation. Descriptions and specifications contained in this publication provide no warranty, expressed or implied, and are subject to revision and editions without notice.

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Western Star Maintenance Manual
Maintenance manuals contain routine maintenance procedures and intervals for vehicle components and systems. They have information such as lubrication procedures and tables, fluid replacement procedures, fluid capacities, specifications, and procedures for adjustments and for checking the tightness of fasteners. Maintenance manuals do not contain detailed repair or service information.

Western Star Service Bulletins
Service bulletins provide the latest service tips, field repairs, product improvements, and related information. Some service bulletins are updates to information in the workshop/service manual. These bulletins take precedence over workshop/service manual information, until the latter is updated; at that time, the bulletin is usually canceled. The service bulletins manual is available only to dealers. When doing service work on a vehicle system or part, check for a valid service bulletin for the latest information on the subject.