Western Star 47X, 49X 2020 Maintenance Manual

Western Star 47X, 49X 2020 Maintenance Manual
Western Star 47X, Western Star 49X

Determining Scheduled Maintenance Intervals
Performing regular maintenance on your Western Star vehicle will help ensure that your vehicle delivers safe reliable service and optimum performance for years to come. Failure to follow a regular maintenance program can result in inefficient operation and unscheduled down time.

To determine the correct maintenance intervals for your vehicle you must first determine the type of service or conditions the vehicle will be operating in. Generally, over-the-road vehicles operate under conditions that fall within one of the two types of service described. Before placing your new vehicle in service, determine the type of service (Service Schedule I or II) that applies to the intended use of the vehicle. After determining the vehicle’s type of service, refer to the service schedule table or the vehicle maintenance schedule table, to determine how often maintenance should be performed.

When the vehicle reaches the distance given for a maintenance interval, see the Maintenance Interval Operation Table for a list of the maintenance operations to be performed at that maintenance interval. Use the maintenance operation reference numbers to find detailed instructions in the manual on each operation.

Types of Service
Service Schedule I (short-haul transport) applies to vehicles that annually travel less than 60,000 miles (100 000 kilometers) and operate under normal conditions. Examples of Schedule I usage are: operation primarily in cities and densely populated areas; local transport with infrequent freeway travel; or high percentage of stop-and-go travel.

Service Schedule II (long-haul transport) is for vehicles that annually travel more than 60,000 miles (100 000 kilometers) with minimal city or stop-and-go operation. Examples of Schedule II usage are: regional delivery that is mostly freeway miles; interstate transport; or any road operation with high annual mileage.

Maintenance Instructions
Scheduled intervals are in the maintenance tables in this group. A "Verification of Inspections Log" for Groups 20 and 49 follows, and should be filled in each time noise emission controls on the vehicle are maintained or repaired.


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