Volvo XC90 Owners Manual

Volvo XC90 Owners Manual
Volvo XC90 Manual PDF

The head up-display presents information in the windshield to help the driver keep his/her eyes on the road. The type of information shown here requires the driver's immediate attention, such as traffic warnings, speed information and navigation. Road sign information and incoming phone calls are also displayed here. The head-up display is controlled from the right-side steering wheel keypad and the center display.

Instrument panel
The instrument panel displays information such as speed, an incoming phone call or the track that is currently playing. It is controlled using both steering wheel keypads.

Center display
Many of the vehicle's main functions are controlled from the center display, a touchscreen that reacts to taps or other gestures. The number of physical buttons is thereby minimized. The screen can be operated with or without gloves. The center display is used to control e.g., the climate and infotainment systems and to adjust the power seats*. The information shown here can be dealt with by the driver or the front seat passenger when there is an opportunity.

Owner's manual in mobile devices
Owner's information mobile app1 can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play and is adapted for both cell phones and tablets. These apps also contain videos and interior/exterior hotspot views of the vehicle that you can click on for additional information. The app contains videos and exterior/interior views of the vehicle with certain components/functions highlighted in hotspots, which lead directly to related information. It is easy to navigate between the various categories and articles and the contents are searchable.