Volvo S60 Owner's Manual

Volvo Engine temperature
Engine overheating can result from low oil or coolant levels, towing or hard driving at high heat and altitude, or mechanical malfunction. Engine overheating will be signaled with text and a red warning triangle in the middle of the instrument display. The exact text will depend on the degree of overheating. It may range from High engine temp Reduce speed to High engine temp Stop engine. If appropriate, other messages, such as Coolant level low, Stop safely will also be displayed. If your engine does overheat so that you must stop the engine, always allow the engine to cool before attempting to check oil and coolant levels.

Volvo S60 User Manual
Volvo Sensus is the core of the contact interface with your vehicle. Sensus provides information, entertainment and offers access to functions that make owning and operating a Volvo easier. Volvo Sensus is the operating system in your vehicle and it enables you to interact intuitively with the vehicle’s various features and functions, including accessing the Internet, when it suits you.

Volvo Sensus uses the center console screen to display information and menus, and to offer a user interface that enables you to make personalized settings for e.g., vehicle, infotainment and climate system functions. The buttons on the center console or the steering wheel keypad are used to activate/deactivate functions and change numerous settings.

Pressing the MY CAR button on the center console displays all of the settings related to driving and operating the vehicle, such as City Safety, lock and alarm functions, automatic blower
speed, setting the clock, etc.

Air conditioning
The air conditioning function cools and dehumidifies the air in the passenger compartment. When the indicator light in the button is on, the air conditioning is controlled automatically. This cools/heats and dehumidifies the incoming air. When the indicator light in the button is off, the air conditioning is disengaged. Other functions are still controlled automatically. When maximum defroster (p. 128) is selected, the air conditioning system is set for maximum blower speed and dehumidifies the cabin as quickly as possible.

Volvo S60 User Manual

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