Volvo XC60 Owner's Manual

Volvo XC60 Owner's Manual
Volvo XC60 User Manual

On-board owner's manual
When the printed manual refers to the on-board owner's manual, this pertains to the information displayed on the center console screen. The language used on the center console screen and instrument panel can be changed in the MY CAR system settings menu.

About this manual
Reading your owner's manual is a good way to familiarize yourself with the features and systems in your vehicle.

  1. Before you operate your vehicle for the first time, we recommend that you look through the information found in the chapters "Your Driving Environment" and "During Your Trip."
  2. Information contained in the balance of the manual is extremely useful and should be read after operating the vehicle for the first time.
  3. The manual is structured so that it can be used for reference. For this reason, it should be kept in the vehicle for ready access.

Volvo XC60 Owner's Manual
Owner's manuals for earlier model Volvos are available in PDF format. Quick Guides and supplements can also be found on the support site. Select a model and a model year and download the desired information.

Volvo Rollover Protection System (ROPS)
Volvo's Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) utilizes the Roll Stability Control (RSC) function and has been designed to help minimize the risk of a rollover in emergency maneuvers or if a skid should occur. RSC uses a gyroscopic sensor that registers the amount of change in the lateral angle at which the vehicle is leaning. Using this information, RSC calculates the likelihood of a rollover. If there is an imminent risk of a rollover, the stability system is activated, power to the engine is cut and the brakes are applied to one or more of the wheels until the vehicle regains stability.