Volvo V70 XC70 Owners Manual

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Dear Volvo owner
We hope you will enjoy many years of driving pleasure in your Volvo. The car has been designed for the safety and comfort of you and your passengers. Volvo is one of the safest cars in the world. Your Volvo has also been designed to satisfy all current safety and environmental requirements. In order to increase your enjoyment of the car, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the equipment, instructions and maintenance information contained in this owner’s manual.

Volvo Owner’s Manual
A good way of getting to know your new car is to read the owner’s manual, ideally before your first journey. This will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with new functions, to see how best to handle the car in different situations, and to make the best use of all the car’s features. Please pay attention to the safety instructions contained in the manual:
The equipment described in the owner’s manual is not present in all models. In addition to standard equipment, this manual also describes options (factory fitted equipment) and certain accessories (extra equipment).

Volvo workshops and the environment
Regular maintenance carried out by an authorised Volvo workshop creates the conditions for long service life and low fuel consumption, and contributes to a cleaner environment. When Volvo’s workshops are entrusted with the repair and maintenance of the car, it becomes part of our system. We make clear environmental demands regarding the way in which workshops are designed in order to prevent spills and discharges into the environment, and this includes the thorough collection and sorting of the gaseous, liquid and solid waste that arises in our workshops. Our workshop staff have the knowledge and the tools required to guarantee good environmental care.

Volvo Seatbelt reminder
The seatbelt warning symbol in the combined instrument panel and above the rearview mirror comes on until the driver and front seat passenger buckle their seatbelts. The seat belt reminder switches off after 6 seconds if speed is below 10 km/h. If the driver or front seat passenger have not buckled their seat belts, the reminder switches on if speed exceeds 10 km/h and switches off if speed drops below 5 km/h. If the seatbelt is released, the function reactivates when speed exceeds 10 km/h.

Power windows in the rear doors
The rear door windows can be operated with the controls on the doors and the switch on the driver’s door. If the LED in the switch for blocking power windows in the rear doors (located in the driver’s door control panel) is lit, the rear door windows can only be operated from the driver’s door.

Power sunroof
Automatic operation: Move the control over the resistance point position (3) to the rearmost end position (4) or over the resistance point position (2) to the front end position (1) and release. The sunroof will open to the comfort position or will close completely. In order to open from comfort position to maximum opening: Pull the control to the rear once more to the end position (4) and release.

Manual operation: Open: Pull the control rearward to the point of resistance (3). The sunroof moves toward the fully open position as long as the button is held in this position. Close: Press the control forwards to the resistance point (2). The sunroof will move towards its closing position as long as the switch is held in this position.

Volvo V70 XC70 User Manual

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