Volvo 740 Owners Maintenance

Volvo 740 Owners Maintenance
Volvo 740 Maintenance PDF

The warning lights described on this page should never stay on when driving When the ignition key is turned on, and before the engine starts, all of the warning lights should be on to test the function of the bulbs. Should a light not go off after the engine has started, the system indicated should be inspected. However, the parking brake reminder light will not go off until the parking brake is fully released.

Shift indicator light (Manual transmission cars only)
The Volvo shift indicator light (S.I.L.) is a device designed to help you get even better gas mileage from your Volvo car. Studies have shown that the best fuel economy is obtained by shifting gears at low engine rpm and high relative engine load. The Volvo S.I.L. is calibrated to show you when to shift for improved mileage without sacrificing smooth acceleration. Use of the S.I.L. is simple. Shift to the next higher gear as soon as the light comes on. You may find after using the S.I.L. for some time that your natural shifting rhythm will adapt to the S.I.L's suggestion. Some drivers may even shift before the light comes on. Obviously, there will be times when you need to shift later than the light would indicate, for example, when climbing hills or trailer towing. Using the light regularly, however, should result in a mileage improvement of six percent or more, depending on how you normally drive.

Programming instructions for shift indicator
If the current supply to the control unit is cut (battery disconnected), the control unit will have to be reprogrammed as the control unit memory will be erased. Drive the car in each gear. First gear not necessary, for approximately 8 seconds. The gear change indicator light will flicker once (0.5 seconds), as each gear is programmed.

Washer fluid reservoir
The washer fluid reservoir is located in the engine compartment and holds approx. 0.5 US gal. (2.0 liters) on sedan models and approx. 0.8 US gal (3.2 liters) on wagon models. During cold weather, the reservoir should be filled with windshield washer solvent.


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