Valtra T121c-T171c, T121-T191h, T151eLS-191LS Service Manual

Valtra T121c-T171c, T121-T191h, T151eLS-191LS Service Manual
Valtra T121c-T171c, T121-T191h, T151eLS-191LS Tractors Service Manual

Measured between middle of tyres. With air suspension front axle track widths are 40 mm narrower. The standard track widths are underlined. When track widths are adjusted or larger tyres fitted, the turning angles have to be checked/adjusted with max turning angle of front axle on both sides. When adjusting the rear axle track widths,check that the wheels rotate freely. Check also when using chains that the distance from the cab to the tyres does not go below 80 mm. Check further that the distance from parking lights to the outer sides of the tyres does not exceed 400 mm.

Division into components or sub groups
Each group is further divided into components or sub ---groups. The number and the name of each component is given in the top left box on each page (and comprise the two first figures in the code designation).

  1. Clutch
  2. Gearbox
  3. Low gear
  4. Final drives etc.

Code designation
Three digit code designations are used to separate the different document groups for the respective components. The same code is also used in the Time list as a reference to the text in this manual. The code designation numbers appear in the box at the top of the page and also in the headings.

Additions and amendments of the service manual New and up dated pages will be continuously added to the service manual. The new pages should be inserted as indicated by the code:

  1. the first digit (also the first digit on the index leaf) indicates the group:
  2. the two first digits indicate the component or sub group.
  3. the third digit indicates the document group for the respective components
  4. the page number indicates the definite position of the page within the service manual.

If there are two pages with the same code and page number, it is the page with the later date in the date box and the old date in the crossed over box which is valid or which is the current page. When an entirely new set of repair instructions is issued, it will be accompanied by instructions on where the pages should be inserted in the file.

How to find electrical components in the service manual?
Because the structure of service manual has been changed the electrical components has been divided to their function based. See code 323.1 fo T121c and code 333.1 T121h a.s.o. Code is for equipment list of the wiring diagram. Equipment list includes symbol, description, page and position, locations and code.

General instructions for repairs
Outer oil seals
The Service Manual contains instructions for changing all outer oil seals, (e.g. oil seals on the PTO shaft end, on the output shaft to the front wheel drive and on the pinion shaft on the powered front axle, and so on).

Sealing compound and glue
If sealing compounds or glue are required for the repair work, the instructions will specify a sealing compound or glue which is readily available through specialist dealers. Some seals should be greased before fitting and the space between the lips of the seal should be filled with universal grease. If the seal is to be pushed over splines or sharp edges the seal should be protected with for example a thin plastic foil. Avoid using too much sealing glue to prevent blocking of lubricating oil borings for instace.

Tightening torques and setting values
All necessary tightening torques and setting values for each repair operation are given at the beginning of each repair section under the heading Technical Data. The most important values can also be found in the repair instructions. Table on code 131.2 gives the tightening torques in order of dimension, quality and surface treatment. The values given in the table should be used if the tightening torque is not given in the repair instructions.

Valtra T121c-T171c, T121-T191h, T151eLS-191LS Tractors Service Manual
Always bear safety in mind when repairing or servicing the tractor. Use tools and lifting devices in the correct way . When you are removing tractor components or splitting the tractor, every tractor part must be supported in such a way, that no risk of accident exists. Avoid working under the supported tractor part if it is not absolutely necessary. When supporting the tractor the centre of gravity of the frame part must always be checked. For instance the wedges must always be fitted between front axle and engine to prevent axle oscillation when splitting the front frame of the tractor.

There is various different chemicals (fuel, oil, grease, fluids) in the tractor. The harmfullness to skin and eyes must be noted when handling these chemicals. Also must be noted that there is pressurized circuits in the tractor. Opening these circuits can be dangerous if the pressure is not released carefully.