Valtra tractors workshop manuals, service manuals, fault codes

Valtra tractors workshop manuals, service manuals, fault codes
Valtra tractors workshop manuals, service manuals, fault codes, wiring diagrams

2011 is Valtra’s 60th anniversary and looks like being an exciting year. First the introduction ofnew models: First A Series HiTech witha shuttle transmission, makes this popular tractor even more suitable for loader operation. Remember, today shuttle transmissions and advanced tractor hydraulics make loader tractors a very competitive option. Loader tractors depreciate more slowly than handlers, can be more reliable and without a telehandler on the farm, insurance costs drop.

Valtra Tractor Operator's Manual
Valtra were the first to introduce SCR technology into agriculture and we have now introduced this technology intoT Series. SCR is the injection of urea into exhaust gasses to reduce particulate and NOx emissions.SCR reduces cooling requirements and thus the time power sapping radiator fans operate. In S Series, lab tests confirm a 5% to 10% reduction in fuel consumption com-pared with non SCR engines. In practice reports suggest our engines are even more frugal we’ll let you know once we’ve collated verifiable figures.

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Valtra Tractor S353.pdf
Valtra Valmet 8050 Tractor Workshop Manual.pdf
Valtra Tractor BH-180 Hiflow - diagrams.pdf
Valtra T3 Series Operator's Manual.pdf
Valtra T2 Series Operator's Manual.pdf
Valtra T121c-T171c, T121-T191h, T151eLS-191LS Tractors Service Manual.pdf
Valtra T-Series HiTech models (T144 H, T154 H, T174e H, T194 H, T214 H and T234 H) Operators manual.pdf
Valtra T 140 TRACTOR Service Repair Manual.pdf
Valtra N-Series Versu models (N134 V, N154e V, N174 V) Operators manual.pdf
Valtra N-Series HiTech models (N104 H, N114e H, N124 H, N134 H, N154e H and N174 H) Operators manual.pdf
Valtra N-Series Direct models (N134 D, N154e D, N174 D) Operators manual.pdf
Valtra N-series Active Operator's manual.pdf
Valtra MEGA MEZZO HI-TEC Workshop Manual.pdf
Valtra Fault Codes list.pdf
Valtra Combine BC7500 Parts Catalog.pdf
Valtra BH 180 Operator's Manual.pdf
Valtra Active (N134 A, N154e A, N174 A) Operators manual.pdf
Valtra a 750 850 950 990 Parte3.pdf
Valtra 1280R - 1380S, 1580 - 1680S, 1780R - 1880S Supplement to Spare Parts Catalogue.pdf

T Series models with the new SCR engines now come with a colour display on the driver’s armrest.The display has separate day and night settings.The daytime setting allows the information to be viewed even in bright sunlight, whereas at night the display is not too bright for the eyes.

Valtra’s patented ARM armrest also has other new features.The joystick on the armrest can now be used to control the front or rear hydraulics, or both.The PTO and 4WD switches are now also on the armrest. In addition, it is now possible to make changes to programmes stored in the U-Pilot Headland ManagementSystem when the tractor is standing still.

New customer promise reinforces Valtra’s customer-based philosophy
Valtra updated its customer promise and corporate identity in connection with its 60thanniversary in January. According to the company vision,Valtra’s aim is to be the most desirable partner for individual and reliable tractors and solutions.The new customer prom-ise “Individually Yours” communicates the company’s unique way of operating among its own employees, sales and service network, partners and above all cus-tomers.

The core philosophy of Valtra is to meet the individual needs of the customer. This philosophy is born from Valtra’s unique customer based service concept and customer order system, which was introduced in 1992. Valtra’s sales representatives work in close partnership with their customers to determine the ideal tractor specifications for their requirements.The design of Valtra tractors is based on modules combined with additional options and unique features, allowing half a mil-lion different combinations.This extreme versatility allowsValtra to offer competitive solutions to customers involved in farming, forestry, municipal contracting and heavy contracting.

The ongoing development of business practices, new investments in production,and future development plans will continue to reinforceValtra’s individual and cus-tomer-based operations.
Together with the customer promiseValtra modernized its logo.TheValtra name has appeared in 3D on the sides of tractors.The new print and electronic logo will have the same 3D design approach reflecting power and quality ofits products.

Valtra’s customer magazine turns 40 this year.The Valtra tractor factory (thenValmet) launchedits first customer magazine in Finland in 1960 under the name “Maa ja Metalli” (“Land and Met-al”).The magazine appeared four times a year.Although it looked quite different than today’s Valtra Team, the contents were very similar with articles about new tractor models, customer experi-ences, maintenance tips and production activities. Unlike today’s customer magazine, it also advertised Valmet’s other products everything from wall clocks to shotguns and outboard motors to water pumps.

All T and N Series HiTech models with the exception of the N82 and N92 are now available with a 90 l/min hydraulic pump. In addition, one of the hydraulic blocks is equipped with a flow adjustment valve.The new hydraulics have been designed on the basis of customer wishes. Customers can still specify the 73 l/min hy-draulic pump.

Valtra celebrates 60 years A peak into the future
Valtra celebrated its 60th birthday on 26 January 2011 at the Jyväskylä Paviljonki International Congress and Trade Fair Centre.The focus of the celebrations was verymuch on the future. Although classic tractors were on display, the main topic was Valtra’s 120th birthday in 2071.

Valtra Parts Catalog
The farmers and contractors of the future will need versatile, lightweight and powerful machines that allow them to work more diversely and efficiently than with traditional tractors. ANTS meets the challenges of the future while at the same time respecting Valtra’s traditions. It is dynamic, friendly, customisable,smart and agile, and it has an excellent power to weight ratio. The name ANTS is a play on words.It refers to Valtra’s current model series A, N, T and S but alsoto the insect. Ants are considered to be extremely strong and social insects, and the ANTS concept reflects the hardworking characteristics of real ants.

The user interface for the driver has been designed to be as sim-ple as possible and can react to voice commands and different kind of gestures. The remaining functions are controlled fromthe intelligent armrest, so there are no normal screens to block visibility. Instead, the information is displayed on the glass surfaces of the cab in the form of a head’s-up display (HUD).  ANTS can communicate with other machines, farm computers, weath-er forecasts, navigation systems and the internet. The cab is also extremely quiet thanks to the electronic transmission.

The ANTS loader combines features of traditional front loaders, telehandlers and forest machines. The loader consistsof dual beams that are attached to the same pivot point at the cab. This way the loader can turn together with the cab allowing for full visibility and control. Both loader beams can be controlled individually. For further reach the ANTS front loader is equipped with an inbuilt telescopic boom.

Valtra ANTS consists of two modules: a soldier unit with an output of 100 kW and a worker unit with an output of 200 kW. If required the modules can be combined, creating an ANTS queen with three axles, eight wheels and an output of 200,300 or 400 kW. While ANTS can perform routine field jobs independently, a driver is still needed for more complex tasks such as front loading work. This is why both ANTS units can be also equipped with a cab.

Valtra’s predecessor Valmet began tractor production in Finland after the conclusion of the Second World War. Having manufactured rifles, artillery pieces and aircraft engines,the company’s factories began producing agricultural tractors. The first Valmet 15 tractors were manufactured in 1951. In 1960 Valmet established a tractor plant in Mogi das Cruzes,Brazil. This bold and risky decision to open a factory on the other side of the world has since proven to be right: Valtra do Brasil is today the second leg upon which the Valtra brand stands.

In 1979 Valmet acquired the tractor operations of Swedish company Volvo BM.Together with its own predecessors Bolinder and Munktell,Volvo BM had deep roots in the industrial history of Sweden.The ofron Munktell opened his first workshop inEskilstuna in 1832.The codesigned Volvo BM Valmet 05Series was launched in 1982. The AGCO Sisu Power engine plant in Linnavuori, Finland is an integral part of Valtra’s history. The Valtra tractors manufactured in Suolahti have all been powered by engines from AGCO Sisu Power or its predecessors Sisu Diesel and Valmet.