2017 Tesla Model S Owner's Manual

The top line displays provides shortcuts to lock/unlock Model S, to access HomeLink and Driver Profiles, display vehicle information (the Tesla “T”), download software updates, display network strength and Bluetooth® status and Wi-Fi settings. If an alert icon (exclamation mark) is displayed, touch it to see warning messages that are in effect. Tesla Model S Owner's Manual Note: The airbag status symbol displays only when Model S is powered on. Note: You can also display the time and outside temperature on the instrument panel by choosing the Clock option using the left or right scroll wheel on the steering wheel (see Steering Wheel on page 37).

2017 Tesla Model S Touch the lock icon to unlock/lock all doors. In situations where only the driver's door is unlocked (for example, Door Unlock Mode is set to Driver), the lock icon displays as unlocked and touching it locks all doors. For more information on Door Unlock Mode, see Doors on page 4.

Acceleration (Performance dual-motor vehicles only) Choose an acceleration level. Sport is the standard level of acceleration and allows you to maximize driving range. Choose Insane or Ludicrous (depending on the options available on your vehicle) to increase peak torque by approximately 60 percent.

Tesla Model S Owner's Manual If you choose Insane or Ludicrous, additional power is available immediately. However, to achieve the absolute maximum power (designed for short term use), touch Max Battery Power, which displays as blue text immediately below the acceleration setting. Max

Tesla Model S service Manual Battery Power heats the Battery to its ideal operating temperature to ensure access to 100% of available power. Heating the Battery can take over an hour, depending on environmental conditions and whether or not Model S is being driven. During this time, a message displays providing you with an approximate wait time. When the additional power is available, the message indicates that Max Battery Power is READY! When using Max Battery Power, Model S consumes more energy as it keeps the Battery within an optimal temperature range. To cancel Max Battery Power at any time, change the acceleration level to Sport (or touch the button in the Max Battery Mode popup). To prevent excess and potentially unnecessary energy consumption (for example, you leave the vehicle and forget to cancel Max Battery Power), Max Battery Power cancels automatically in three hours, regardless of whether you are still driving or have left the vehicle.

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