2014 Tesla Model S Owner's Manual

Model S has sensors that can recognize the presence of a key. The sensors have a range of approximately three feet (one meter).

Tesla Model S Owner's Manual If Model S is equipped with the optional tech package, walking up to Model S when you have your key with you automatically unlocks the doors. Similarly, open the trunk by just walking up to Model S with your key, then pressing the switch located under the trunk’s exterior handle.

Press a door handle, and it extends. Or, if the AUTO-PRESENT HANDLES setting is turned on (see Using Exterior Door Handles on page 6), door handles extend automatically.

If you turn on the walk-away locking setting using the touchscreen, Model S locks when you walk away carrying your key with you (see Walk-away Locking on page 7).

To quickly familiarize yourself with the key, think of the key as a miniature version of Model S, with the Tesla badge representing the front. The key has three buttons that feel like softer areas on the surface.

2014 Tesla Model S Radio equipment on a similar frequency can affect the key. If this happens, move the key at least one foot (30 cm) away from other electronic devices (phone, laptop, etc). If the key does not work, you may need to change its battery. If the key’s battery is discharged, you can open Model S by following the unlocking procedure. See Unlocking When the Key Doesn't Work on page 7.

A light press on a door handle extends it, provided Model S detects a valid key nearby. If Model S is equipped with the optional tech package, you can set the door handles to extend automatically whenever you approach the driver’s side carrying the key. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Settings > Vehicle > Auto-Present Handles > On.

Door handles retract if you do not use them within one minute after they extend. Just press a handle to extend it again. Door handles also retract a minute after the last door closes, when Model S begins moving, and when you lock Model S.

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