2012 Tesla Model S Owner's Manual

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Tesla Model S LOCATION OF AIRBAGS. Airbags are located in the approximate areas shown on the following illustration. Airbag warning information is printed on the sun visors.

Tesla Model S Owners Manual Inflation of airbags depends on the rate at which your vehicle cabin changes speed in a collision. The rate of deceleration determines whether airbags inflate. Airbags inflate instantly with considerable force accompanied by a loud noise. The inflated bag, together with the seat belts, limits movement of occupants, reducing the risk of injury to the occupants.

Tesla Model S Service Manual Front airbags are not ordinarily designed to inflate in the event of rear collisions, rollovers, minor front or side collisions, heavy braking, or driving over bumps and potholes. Therefore, significant superficial damage can occur to the vehicle without the front airbags inflating or, conversely, a relatively small amount of structural damage can cause airbags to inflate.

Tesla Model S User Manual Model S has an occupancy sensor in the front passenger seat that controls the status of the airbags based on the weight of the occupant. Passenger airbag status displays in the top right corner of the touchscreen to indicate whether the airbag will inflate (ON) or not inflate (OFF) if a collision occurs:

Tesla Model S PDF Manual When airbags inflate, a fine powder is released. This powder can irritate the skin and should be thoroughly flushed from the eyes and from any cuts or abrasions.
After inflation, the airbags will deflate to provide a gradual cushioning effect for the occupants and to ensure the driver’s forward vision is not obscured.

If airbags have inflated, or if your vehicle has been in an accident, always have the airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners and any associated components checked and, if necessary, replaced by Tesla.

Tesla Model S Owner's Manual

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