Scania DI16 Instrumentation 2.0 Installation Manual

Scania DI16 Instrumentation 2.0 Installation Manual
Free Scania DI16 Instrumentation 2.0 Installation Manual

Scania DI16 There are two 20 A miniature circuit breakers in the junction box, one for each battery connection. Depending on the cable length, it may be necessary to fit extra fuses for the electrical cable. The junction box also has a number of blade fuses, diodes and relays as described below.

Scania DI16 Instrumentation 2.0 User Manual The minimum connection required for the system to function is for the pins on connector C4066 to be connected. If the throttle control is to be controlled via the main display, then pins 1 and 2 of connector C4068 must also be connected, scania trucks,trucks scania,scania trucking,scania cars,scania car,scania truck usa.

Scania DI16 Instrumentation 2.0 Owners Manual Please refer to the electrical system installation manual 03:01 for information on how to connect the throttle control to the engine control unit. If the throttle control is connected to the engine control unit, secondary throttle control cannot be used.

Scania DI16 Instrumentation 2.0 Operator's Manual To protect against electromagnetic interference, Scania recommends that all electrical cables within the system are twisted in pairs with 35-40 turns/m. This only applies to external signal cables connected to the system.

To provide good separation of the electromagnetic interference that can occur, some of the electrical cables can be routed separately from the others, e.g. the signal cable from a magnetic pulse sensor.