Renault Twingo Owner's and Service Manuals

Renault Twingo Owner's and Service Manuals
Renault Twingo Repair Manuals

The smart Tahoe Blue body with the Strokes decal that emphasises the sculpted shoulders of All-New Renault Twingo is a great combination for people who like to mix style with sophistication.

The brief. "Design a car that smiles and makes you feel happy, with a cheerful, friendly face that brings back memories."" Back to the roots.A pinch of R5 Turbo, a hint of First Generation Twingo, a touch of the Renault DNA. The Renault Twingo resembles its predecessors and is the stuff of dreams. It is a car of its time: current,smart, modular and connected.

Like the Renault family.Drawing on the marque’s emotional and sporting heritage, the designers re-interpreted selected iconic Renault features.The tailgate angle, sculpted sides, small round lights and rectangular headlights are all hints to past Renault cars.

Precise, comfortable and fun, the new Twingo GT will bring you sporty thrills stamped with the Renault Sport signature - its 110 hp turbo engine takes it from 0 to 62mph in less than ten seconds!With its 17” alloy wheels, lateral air intake and twin exhaust, the new Twingo GT cuts a fine figure. The interior is not to be outdone;its sporty pedigree shines through in its exclusive part leather upholstery, aluminium pedal unit and sport gear lever knob. Its driveability, handling, optional sporty roof decals and new optional Blaze Orange special i.d. metallic paint make it the new benchmark for small sporty city cars. renault cars,renault wine,renault winery,clio cars,renault suvs,megane car,renault clio 2020,clio review,renault f1 driver.

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Renault Twingo Service Manuals
In the city, life moves fast and things can change quickly, so a truly excellent city car is one that is practical and versatile as well as small and agile.Whether you have passengers getting in the back, need to park in a tight space or even need to carry some flat pack furniture, Renault Twingo is in its element.

Space, storage and manoeuvrability.Putting the engine in the rear is something you normally associate with two-seater sports cars,not practical city superminis! However, doing this has given Renault Twingo features that make it stand out from the competition.

Renault Twingo Owner's Manuals
The Twingo paradox.Since the last generation Renault Twingo has lost 10cm in length.However, at the same time the cabin is 33cm longer. This gives greater knee room for rear passengers.

Tight turns shouldn’t be trouble.The Renault Twingo has an impressive turning circle of 8.59m. This makes parallel parking in tight spaces a lot easier.
What a view!By having a shorter bonnet and a raised driving position, Renault Twingo has excellent driver visibility which makes you feel more confident and enjoy the drive more.

Quiet, please!The engine at the back means it is further away from the driver, and therefore quieter:great for listening to your music (or your passenger!)

Plenty of room.Although you might think that putting the engine at the back would compromise space,you’d be surprised! There is no loading lip to the boot floor - so it’s easy to lift items in and out of the boot - and the split folding rear seats fold flat with the boot, making the space practical. What’s more,the front passenger seat folds down, giving 2.3m of load length! This means you could carry some flat pack furniture and still have a passenger in the back!

In addition to the impressive boot space, there are also little stowage spaces around the car for smaller items, such as rear door pockets*, space under the rear seats* and a storage space in front of the gear stick.

Renault Sport’s engineers have worked their magic to finely tune the GT’s chassis. Stiffer shock absorbers, a thicker anti-roll bar, 20mm lower ride height,revised steering and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) allowing you to enjoy the full potential of the new Twingo GT in comfort. Its driving accuracy will put you at ease; its low body roll and communicative steering provide it with dynamic and reassuring handling.