Renault Magnum Service Manual

Renault Magnum Service Manual
Renault Magnum

With an updated design, Renault Magnum exudes power and strength, with its roof design, aerodynamic side deflectors (rigids and tractors), sunvisor and grab handles on the front panel. The 3-segment wraparound bumper is made from ultra-strong materials and features a colour-coded centre piece to match the radiator grille as well as a non-slip step to get to the windscreen.

Renault Magnum is equipped with new, more powerful Euro 5 engines that offer optimised fuel consumption. The Optidriver+ automated gearbox, the perfect ally of the DXi engine, now comes as standard to help deliver even better fuel efficiency and increase your company's profitability. Renault Magnum is the long-haul vehicle of choice to enhance your corporate image.

Renault Magnum offers one of the most spacious cabs on the market, with interior headroom exceeding 2 m. Storage volume has been increased and its flat floor, top-quality materials and finish, combined with redesigned interior colour schemes, makes the Renault Magnum an iconic vehicle for onboard comfort. renault cars,renault wine,renault winery,clio cars,renault suvs,megane car,renault clio 2020,clio review,renault f1 driver.

File NameLink
Renault Magnum Dxi12 440-480 Gearbox Workshop Manual.PDF
Renault Magnum Dxi 17rd/Sd/Td PDF Service Manual.PDF
Renault Magnum Dxi 13 Repair Manual.rar
Renault Magnum 400/440/480 PDF Service Manual
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Wiring Numbers.PDF
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Wiring Manual.PDF
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Timing Assembly
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Rocker Shaft and Camshaft
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Rocker And Valve Adjustment
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Fuses Relays and Connections
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Engine Torque Settings
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Cylinder Head Manual
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Cylinder Block
Renault Magnum Dxi13 Crank Seals and Flywheel
Renault Magnum Adblue System and Diagnostics

The superior quality of the Renault Magnum fixed bunk* provides a truly refreshing sleep:

  • Three-zone, 140 mm thick, zero deformation mattress for even greater comfort
  • Bunk dimensions: 1,983 x 700 mm
  • Bunk and mattress fabric coordinated to match the lower interior trim colour.

Renault Magnum offers an excellent interior storage capacity, with a usable volume reaching as much as 1,090 l.
A new front header unit with 221 l in storage volume:

  • 3 compartments with door closures
  • 1 central bin with sliding shutter closure
  • 1 locker unit with 3 compartments.

With a design concept borrowed from the aeronautics industry, the rear header unit offers an additional 95 l of storage.

The DXi13 engine now delivers more power and torque, allowing you to maintain consistent journey speeds. Also, 90% of its output is available in less than two seconds and maximum torque, for even more decisive acceleration, is available from low engine speeds of 1,050 rpm.

Renault Magnum can be fitted with an automatic engine stop feature*. The system automatically shuts down the vehicle's engine when idling for more than five minutes, as long as the parking brake is activated, no power take-off unit is engaged and the engine is at peak operating temperature.

The DXi13 engine is available in two power ratings of 480 and 520hp.

  1. With 480 hp power rating: 353 kW from 1,450 to 1,900 rpm Torque: 2,400 Nm from 1,050 to 1,400 rpm
  2. With 520 hp power rating: 382 kW from 1,450 to 1,900 rpm Torque: 2,550 Nm from 1,050 to 1,400 rpm
  3. Six-cylinder inline 12.8 l engine
  4. Second-generation, high-pressure injector pump electronic injection and dual management circuit
  5. Turbo charger with wastegate

Renault Magnum can be equipped with an anti-collision and driving aid system** that is particularly recommended when transporting hazardous materials. The system detects if the truck suddenly changes lanes, crosses a white line or is running too close to the vehicle ahead. In such instances, an alarm is triggered in the cab.


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