Perkins 1300 Series Electronic Engine Training

Engine oil is drawn from the sump by the engine oil pump and nows through the oil cooler and "tilter to the high pressure supply pump. The supply pump pressure the oil to between 450 and 3,000 psi. Pump outlet pressure is determined by the injection pressure regulator valve" (IPR) which du mps excess oil to drain. The pressure maintained by the IPR is determined by a variable electrical signal supplied by the Electronic Control (ECM). "High pressure oil is supplied to a pressure rail attached to be cylinder head, and by dr i llings in" the head is available to all injectors. The energy solenoid lifts the injector  poppet valve off its seat.  Heal pressure oil from the rail then enters the injedor causing injedion to OCl'.U r.

Injection ends when the ECJVI switches ofT the current to the solenoid . The poppet spring then "causes the poppet to close.  As the poppet closes, the high pressure supply oil from the rail is blocked and the intensifier piston cavity is connected to dr ain through the armature cavity." The plun ger return spring then pu shes the in tensifier and plunger back to their original
position. The upward movement of the plunger lifts the fill check valve olT its seat and draws fuel into the plunge cavity for the next stroke. Fuel is drawn from the fuel tank by a mechanical fuel pu mp and Oows through a filter to the "pressu re rail attached to t be cylinder bead, via dr illings in tbe bead to t be injectors. Excess fuel nows back to the t ank vi a a spring loaded valve, which maintains a positive fuel pressure in the pressure  rail."

Perkins 1300 Shaping the Future

  1. Optimised performance characteristics
  2. Improved engine emissions Engine packaging
  3. New reliability and durability features
  4. Expanded options range

Perkins 1300 Engine Performance

  1. Efficient combustion system
  2. Fully optimised power, torque and fuel curves for optimum performance
  3. No engine power loss due to high fuel temperatures
  4. Improved transient conditions
  5. Unaided cold start of -20ºC
  6. Stabilised idle

Perkins 1300 Series Electronic Training Manual

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