Perkins 1300 Series EDi (Models WK to WN) User Manual

The 1300 Series EDi is a family of engines which have an electronic management system. The engines are designed for industrial and agricultural applications from Perkins Engines Limited, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance diesel engines. Perkins approved assembly and quality standards, together with the latest technology, have been applied to the manufacture of your engine to give you reliable and economic power.

This handbook has been written to assist you to maintain and operate your engine correctly. To obtain the best performance and the longest life from your engine, you must ensure that the maintenance operations are done at the intervals indicated in "Preventive maintenance". If the engine works in a very dusty environment or other adverse conditions, certain maintenance intervals will have to be reduced. Renew the filter canisters and lubricating oil regularly in order to ensure that the inside of your engine remains clean.

Ensure that all adjustments and repairs are done by personnel who have had the correct training. Perkins distributors have this type of personnel available. You can also obtain parts and service from your Perkins distributor. If you do not know the address of your nearest distributor, enquire at one of the Perkins companies listed on page 9.

The Perkins 1300 Series EDi engines consist of a range of six cylinder in-line engines which are turbocharged or turbocharged/intercooled. The engines have an electronic management system. In this handbook, the different engine types are indicated by their code letters, which are the first two letters of the engine number as indicated below:

The engine number is stamped on the left side of the cylinder block (A1), behind the high pressure pump. An example of an engine number is

The components of the engine number are as follows:

  1. WL1296N123456
  2. WL Type code letters
  3. 1296 Build list number
  4. N Built in the USA
  5. 123456 Engine serial number

If you need parts, service or information for your engine, you must give the complete engine number to your Perkins distributor.

Perkins 1300 Series EDi (Models WK to WN) User's Handbook

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