Perkins 1300 Series EDi Engine Service Manual

Perkins 1300 Series EDi Engine Service Manual
Perkins 1300 Series EDi Engine Repair Manual

How to care for your engine?
This handbook has been written to assist you to maintain and operate your engine correctly. To obtain the best performance and the longest life from your engine, you must ensure that the maintenance operations are done at the intervals indicated in Chapter 4, Preventive maintenance. If the engine works in a very dusty environment or other adverse conditions, certain maintenance intervals will have to be reduced. Renew the filter canisters and lubricating oil regularly in order to ensure that the inside of your engine remains clean.

Ensure that all adjustments and repairs are done by personnel who have had the correct training. Perkins distributors have this type of personnel available. You can also obtain parts and service from your Perkins distributor.

Perkins 1300 Series EDi Engine Parts and service
If problems occur with your engine or with the components fitted onto it, your Perkins distributor can make the necessary repairs and will ensure that only the correct parts are fitted and that the work is done correctly.

Perkins 1300 Series EDi Engine Training
Local training for the correct operation, service and overhaul of engines is available at certain Perkins distributors. If special training is necessary, your Perkins distributor can advise you how to obtain it at the Perkins Customer Training Department, Peterborough, or other main centres.

Perkins 1300 Series EDi Engine Service literature
Workshop manuals, installation drawings and other service publications are available from your Perkins distributor at a nominal cost.

Engine identification
The 1300 Series EDi engines consist of a range of six cylinder in-line engines which are turbocharged or turbocharged/intercooled. The engines have an electronic management system. In this handbook, the different engine types are indicated by their code letters, which are the first two letters of the engine number as indicated in table 1.

The engine number is stamped on the left side of the cylinder block (A1) on the earliest engines, behind the high pressure pump. On later engines, the engine number is located at position (B1). On the current engine, the identification plate is located on the top cover of the engine (C1).