Perkins 1300 Edi Series Electronic Engine Training Manual

The Product Training information is distributed for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as creating or becoming part of Perkins Engines contractual or warranty obligations. The appropriate service literature and Service Bulletins available on perkins website should always be the final authority and source of information. Electrical Circuits, connections and termination points may change, make sure you have the correct drawings.

Perkins 1300 Edi Electronic Engine Management system gives:

  1. Improved Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) through precise control of Injection Timing and Duration.
  2. Machine protection under extreme operating conditions.
  3. Easy servicing and fault diagnostics, Electronic Service Tool, (EST)
  4. Exceeds emissions legislation and has a lower noise level.
  5. Better engine ‘responsiveness’.
  6. Improved reliability,engine monitoring and protection.
  7. Further cost savings through integration into ‘Genset' design (CAN)
  8. Improved torque, different torque curves available, torque ‘shaping’
  9. Rating changes available, Base Load, Prime, Standby, 1500/1800
  10. Configuration files, gives the customer flexibility, droop, etc

Perkins 1300 Edi Series-Industrial Open Power Unit

  1. IOPU 1 -Variable Speed Droop, with analogue throttle and Idle validation switch. (mobile applications)
  2. IOPU 2 - Variable Speed Isochronous with analogue hand throttle, (no IVS - non Mobile Applications)
  3. IOPU 3 - Variable Set Speed Isochronous Control.
  4. IOPU 4 - With Pre-Set Speed Isochronous Control.

Perkins 1300 Edi Series ‘On Engine’ Wiring Harness

  1. The Harness is protected by a plastic tubing.
  2. It is mechanically fixed to the engine via clips, to keep the harness secure and away from potential damage.
  3. All connectors are ‘keyed’ to ensure correct orientation.
  4. Make sure all seals are correctly positioned. Blanking plugs must be fitted on any unused pins, to prevent any liquid ingress. (SPECIAL PowerPart grease is recommended for ECM Plug)

Perkins 1300 Edi Series Sensor Summary
Thermistor: Sensor used to determine temperature. A thermistor changes it’s resistance value in relation to temperature change.The sensors used on most electronic engines are negative temperature coefficient, on temperature rise the resistance falls.
Pressure sensor: Pressure sensor:- Variable Capacitance sensors are used to measure pressure. The pressure which is measured is applied to a ceramic material. This forces the ceramic to move closer to a thin metal disk, this alters the capacitance value. This change of capacitance is fed to an integrated circuit, with it’s own 5 volt power supply, inside the sensor body, which in turn sends an appropriate voltage signal, dependant on pressure, to the ECM.

Perkins 1300 Edi Electronic Engine Training

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