Perkins 1106C Genset Service Manual

Perkins 1106C Genset Alternator Inspect
Perkins recommends a scheduled inspection of the alternator. Inspect the alternator for loose connections and correct battery charging. Check the ammeter (if equipped) during engine operation in order to ensure correct battery performance and/or correct performance of the electrical system. Make repairs, as required.

Check the alternator and the battery charger for correct operation. If the batteries are correctly charged, the ammeter reading should be very near zero. All batteries should be kept charged. The batteries should be kept warm because temperature affects the cranking power. If the battery is too cold, the battery will not crank the engine. When the engine is not run for long periods of time or if the engine is run for short periods, the batteries may not fully charge. A battery with a low charge will freeze more easily than a battery with a full charge.

Perkins 1106C Genset Oil analysis
Some engines may be equipped with an oil sampling valve. If oil analysis is required the oil sampling valve is used to obtain samples of the engine oil. The oil analysis will complement the preventive maintenance program.

The oil analysis is a diagnostic tool that is used to determine oil performance and component wear rates. Contamination can be identified and measured through the use of the oil analysis. The oil analysis includes the following tests:

  1. The Wear Rate Analysis monitors the wear of the engine’s metals. The amount of wear metal and type of wear metal that is in the oil is analyzed. The increase in the rate of engine wear metal in the oil is as important as the quantity of engine wear metal in the oil.
  2. Tests are conducted in order to detect contamination of the oil by water, glycol or fuel.
  3. The Oil Condition Analysis determines the loss of the oil’s lubricating properties. An infrared analysis is used to compare the properties of new oil to the properties of the used oil sample. This analysis allows technicians to determine the amount of deterioration of the oil during use. This analysis also allows technicians to verify the performance of the oil according to the specification during the entire oil change interval.

Perkins 1106C Genset Aftermarket Oil Additives
Perkins does not recommend the use of aftermarket additives in oil. It is not necessary to use aftermarket additives in order to achieve the engine’s maximum service life or rated performance. Fully formulated, finished oils consist of base oils and of commercial additive packages. These additive packages are blended into the base oils at precise percentages in order to help provide finished oils with performance characteristics that meet industry standards.

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