Perkins 1106A-70T, 1106A-70TA, 1106C-70TA and 1106D-70TA Service Manual

Engine Service Requirements with B20
Aggressive properties of biodiesel fuel may cause debris in the fuel tank and fuel lines. The aggressive properties of biodiesel will clean the fuel tank and fuel lines. This cleaning of the fuel system can prematurely block of the fuel filters. Perkins recommends that after the initial usage of B20 biodiesel blended fuel the fuel filters must be replaced at 50 hours.

Glycerides present in biodiesel fuel will also cause fuel filters to become blocked more quickly. Therefore the regular service interval should be reduced to 250 hours.

When biodiesel fuel is used, crank case oil and aftertreatment systems may be influenced. This influence is due to the chemical composition and characteristics of biodiesel fuel, such as density and volatility, and to chemical contaminants that can be present in this fuel, such as alkali and alkaline metals (sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium).

Crankcase oil fuel dilution can be higher when biodiesel or biodiesel blends are used. This increased level of fuel dilution when using biodiesel or biodiesel blends is related to the typically lower volatility of biodiesel. In-cylinder emissions control strategies utilized in many of the industrial latest engine designs may lead to a higher level of biodiesel concentration in the engine oil pan. The long-term effect of biodiesel concentration in crankcase oil is currently unknown.

Perkins recommends the use of oil analysis in order to check the quality of the engine oil if biodiesel fuel is used. Ensure that the level of biodiesel in the fuel is noted when the oil sample is taken.

Performance Related Issues with B20
Due to the lower energy content than the standard distillate fuel B20 will cause a power loss in order of 2 to 4 percent. In addition, over time the power may deteriorate further due to deposits in the fuel injectors. Biodiesel and biodiesel blends are known to cause an increase in fuel system deposits, most significant of which are deposits within the fuel injector. These deposits can cause a loss in power due to restricted or modified fuel injection or cause other functional issues associated with these deposits.

Perkins T400012 Fuel Cleaner is most effective in cleaning and preventing the formation of deposits. Perkins Diesel Fuel Conditioner helps to limit deposit issues by improving the stability of biodiesel and biodiesel blends. Refer to “Perkins Diesel Fuel System Cleaner” for more information.

Perkins strongly recommends that seasonally operated engines have the fuel systems, including fuel tanks, flashed with conventional diesel fuel before prolonged shutdown periods. An example of an application that should seasonally flush the fuel system is a combine harvester.

Perkins 1106A-70T, 1106A-70TA, 1106C-70TA and 1106D-70TA Industrial Engine  Service Manual

Perkins 1106A-70T, 1106A-70TA, 1106C-70TA and 1106D-70TA Industrial Engine Service Manual For Free

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