Perkins 1104D-E44T and 1104D-E44TA Service Manual

Perkins 1104D-E44T, Perkins 1104D-E44TA Engine Operation
Proper operation and maintenance are key factors in obtaining the maximum life and economy of the engine. If the directions in the Operation and Maintenance Manual are followed, costs can be minimized and engine service life can be maximized.

The time that is needed for the engine to reach normal operating temperature can be less than the time taken for a walk-around inspection of the engine. When idling after the engine is started in cold weather, increase the engine rpm from 1000 to 1200 rpm. This idling will warm up the engine more quickly. Maintaining an elevated low idle speed for extended periods will be easier with the installation of a hand throttle. The engine should not be “raced” in order to speed up the warm-up process.

Gauge readings should be observed and the data should be recorded frequently while the engine is operating. Comparing the data over time will help to determine normal readings for each gauge. Comparing data over time will also help detect abnormal operating developments. Significant changes in the readings should be investigated.

Fuel Conservation Practices
The efficiency of the engine can affect the fuel economy. Perkins design and technology in manufacturing provides maximum fuel efficiency in all applications. Follow the recommended procedures in order to attain optimum performance for the life of the engine. Fuel expands when the fuel is warmed up. The fuel may overflow from the fuel tank. Inspect fuel lines for leaks. Repair the fuel lines, as needed.

Cold Weather Operation
Perkins Diesel Engines can operate effectively in cold weather. During cold weather, the starting and the operation of the diesel engine is dependent on the following items:

  1. The type of fuel that is used
  2. The viscosity of the engine oil
  3. The operation of the glow plugs
  4. Optional Cold starting aid
  5. Battery condition

Recommendations from your Perkins dealer or your Perkins distributor are based on past proven practices. The information that is contained in this section provides guidelines for cold-weather operation.

Perkins 1104D-E44T and 1104D-E44TA Industrial Engine Repair Manual

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