Perkins 1000 Series New Models AJ to AS and YG to YK Workshop Manual

This Workshop Manual has been written to provide assistance in the service and overhaul of Perkins New 1000 Series engines. For overhaul procedures the assumption is made that the engine is removed from the application. The engine conforms with USA (EPA/CARB) stage 1 and EEC stage 1 emissions legislation for agricultural and industrial applications.

Most of the general information which is included in the relevant User’s Handbook has not been repeated in this workshop manual and the two publications should be used together. Where the information applies only to certain engine types, this is indicated in the text.

The details of some operations will be different according to the type of fuel injection pump which is fitted. The specific pump type used can be found by reference to the manufacturer’s identification plate on the pump body. Generally, the type of pump fitted is as shown below:

  • Lucas/Delphi - DP200 Series
  • Bosch - EPVE
  • Stanadyne - DB4.

When reference is made to the "left" or "right" side of the engine, this is as seen from the flywheel end of the engine. Special tools have been made available, for a list of these, see Chapter 16, Special tools. Reference to the relevant special tools is also made at the beginning of each operation, where relevant. POWERPART recommended consumable products are listed on page 8. Reference to the relevant consumable products is also made at the beginning of each operation, where relevant.

The Perkins New 1000 Series engines have been designed for industrial and agricultural applications. There are both four and six cylinder engines, each of which will have three basic engine types, naturally aspirated, turbocharged and turbocharged with an intercooler. Perkins 1100 Series 4 cylinder diesel engines workshop manual.pdf

In this workshop manual, the different engine types are indicated by their code letters. These are the first two letters of the engine number as indicated below:

  1. AJ: Four cylinder, naturally aspirated
  2. AK: Four cylinder, turbocharged
  3. AM: Four cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled
  4. AP: Four cylinder, naturally aspirated, belt driven coolant pump
  5. AQ: Four cylinder, turbocharged, belt driven coolant pump
  6. AR: Four cylinder, naturally aspirated, 103 mm cylinder bore
  7. AS: Four cylinder, naturally aspirated, belt driven coolant pump, 103 mm cylinder bore
  8. YG: Six cylinder, naturally aspirated
  9. YH: Six cylinder, turbocharged
  10. YJ: Six cylinder, charge cooled, air to air
  11. YK: Six cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled

Perkins have made available the products recommended below in order to assist in the correct operation, service and maintenance of your engine and your machine. The instructions for the use of each product are given on the outside of each container. These products are available from your Perkins distributor.

Perkins 1000 Series New (Models AJ to AS and YG to YK) Handbooks

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