Perkins 4012 and 4016 Gas Engine Service Manual

The purpose of this Manual is to enable the operator to carry out routine servicing of the engine. Before undertaking any work on the engine the appropriate section in the Workshop Manual should be read fully and completely understood prior to starting work.

The information contained within the manual is based on such information as was available at the time of going to print. In line with Perkins Engines (Stafford) Limited policy of continual development and improvement that information may change at any time without notice. The engine user should therefore ensure that he has the latest information before starting work.

The instructions contained in this Manual will, provided that they are correctly carried out, ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Users are respectfully advised that it is their responsibility to employ competent persons to operate, maintain and service the equipment in the interest of safety.

Perkins 4012 Service Manual
Certain overhaul operations are impracticable without the use of special tools, and those operators who are not equipped to undertake major repairs are urged to consult their Perkins distributor. When not working on the engine, ensure that all covers, blank flanges, doors, etc., are refitted to openings to prevent the ingress of dirt, etc.

Please quote the engine type and serial number with all your enquiries. This will help us to help you. The type and serial number are on a plate fitted to the crankcase. If any doubt exists regarding the installation, use or application of the engine, the Installation Manual should be consulted for further advice contact Applications Department at Perkins Engines (Stafford) Ltd.

Perkins 4016 Service Manual
Oil change intervals may be changed according to operating experience by agreement with Perkins Engines (Stafford) Limited and subject to oil analysis being carried out at regular intervals. Please note that this 4000 Series manual also covers SE engines dispatched from the factory from 1 March 1996. A table of equivalent engine designations is given on page 2.

Perkins 4012 Service Manual

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