Perkins 1206F-E70TA and 1206F-E70TTA Operation and Maintenance

Perkins 1206F-E70TA and 1206F-E70TTA Operation and Maintenance
Perkins 1206F-E70TA and 1206F-E70TTA Industrial Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual

The maintenance section is a guide to engine care. The illustrated, step-by-step instructions are grouped by service hours and/or calendar time maintenance intervals. Items in the maintenance schedule are referenced to detailed instructions that follow.

Recommended service should be performed at the appropriate intervals as indicated in the Maintenance Interval Schedule. The actual operating environment of the engine also governs the Maintenance Interval Schedule. Therefore, under extremely severe, dusty, wet or freezing cold operating conditions, more frequent lubrication and maintenance than is specified in the Maintenance Interval Schedule may be necessary.

Perkins equipment and replacement parts that are shipped from Perkins engine company limited are asbestos free. Perkins recommends the use of only genuine Perkins replacement parts. Use the following guidelines when you handle any replacement parts that contain asbestos or when you handle asbestos debris.

Perkins 1206F-E70TA Operation and Maintenance Manual
Use caution. Avoid inhaling dust that might be generated when you handle components that contain asbestos fibers. Inhaling this dust can be hazardous to your health. The components that may contain asbestos fibers are brake pads, brake bands, lining material, clutch plates, and some gaskets. The asbestos that is used in these components is usually bound in a resin or sealed in some way. Normal handling is not hazardous unless airborne dust that contains asbestos is generated.

The Engine Monitoring package can vary for different engine models and different engine applications. However, the monitoring system and the engine monitoring control will be similar for all engines.

Perkins 1206F-E70TTA Operation and Maintenance Manual
Many of the engine control systems and display modules that are available for Perkins engines will work in unison with the Engine Monitoring System. Together, the two controls will provide the engine monitoring function for the specific engine application. Refer to the Troubleshooting for more information on the Engine Monitoring System.


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