Nissan X-Trail Service and Owner's Manuals

Nissan X-Trail Service and Owner's Manuals
Nissan X-Trail User Manual

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is redefining the way we power, drive and integrate cars in the world around us. It’s bringing you and your Nissan X-TRAIL closer together for a more confident, more exhilarating ride. It’s making your journey more personal through advanced connectivity and empowering you through progressive technologies. It’s enhancing the joy of being behind the wheel and turning the world into a safer place everyday.

Meet your co-driver. It sees and it senses. Smart safety features step in on your behalf,from Intelligent Auto headlights, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Intelligent Forward Collision warning and Intelligent Lane Departure Intervention, the new Nissan X-Trail acts as your driving partner, always looking out for you and those around you.

The Nissan X-TRAIL is so agile and responsive, it actually improves your driving.Nissan’s Chassis Control technologies make it smooth to handle and secure to drive – ensuring an exciting yet comfortable journey for everyone on board. So get inside and have some fun

The Nissan X-TRAIL can adapt to changing conditions 30 times faster than the blink of an eye.Whether it’s sand or gravel, rain-covered surfaces or a tight turn, the system will automatically send power to the wheels that need it the most. Even in ideal conditions,the Nissan X-TRAIL’s AWD system pays big dividends: getting a grip has never felt better.

Looking for excellent fuel economy in a roomy crossover that’s lots of fun to drive?That’s what you get with the new Nissan X-TRAIL. From exterior aerodynamics that whisper through the wind to advanced engines and a virtually gearless XTRONIC transmission, it takes efficiency and performance to the next level. The Nissan X-TRAIL has an option of 3 engines: the trusted 2.0 litre petrol , punchy 2.5 litre petrol & highly efficient 1.6 litre diesel engine. The diesel offers enhanced fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions and is equipped with Nissan’s automatic Start/Stop system, which shuts down the engine when temporarily not in use to save fuel, then smoothly and quickly restarts as you pull away. The 2.5 petrol engine is mated with the latest version of XTRONIC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with up to 40% reduced friction and the ratio coverage is increased to greater than that of some 8-speed automatics. The result is an engaging drive and smooth performance, it’s like riding a continuous wave of power.

o design their zero-gravity-inspired seats with spinal support, Nissan’s engineers looked to the cosmos. They recreated the relaxed posture of astronauts floating in space by designing an articulated front seat that supports you from the pelvis to the chest optimizing the blood flow,and seat cushions that provide better pressure distribution. The result is exceptional comfort and less fatigue on the long distance trips of your adventures.

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Nissan X-Trail Service Manual
Thanks to the Nissan X-TRAIL’s flexible seating system, this 2nd row is truly first class.The 60/40 split seat slides forward for easy access and adjusts to give you more cargo space, more legroom, and everything or anything in between. You can also recline the seats, when it’s time to just relax. OPTIONAL 3RD ROW.The Nissan X-TRAIL’s folding 3rd-row 50/50 split seat gives you additional versatility.Perfect for accommodating extra passengers and their gear, it also folds down completely to make a flat cargo floor for maximum storage capacity.

Nissan X-Trail Repair Manual
From the city streets to the great outdoors, your Nissan X-TRAIL is ready to take  on any adventure,thanks to its versatile range of Nissan Approved Accessories. Whether it’s towing the campervan,checking your tyre pressure or connecting your favourite music playlist, the versatile range of Nissan Approved Accessories ensures all your road trip needs are covered.


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