Nissan Forklift Truck Service Manual

Thanks for your purchasing our forklift truck. 4 wheel counterbalanced battery forklift truck is our company’s new product. It has the character of small turning radius, beautiful shape, small dimensions, low gravity.

This operation manual is the explanations that how to use 1-3tJ series forklift truck correctly. It will instruct you how to operate safety and precautionary maintenance.

To ensure safety and exert the truck’s potential, all the personnel that in charge of operation, maintenance and management must read this manual thoroughly before starting work with the forklift.

This manual is applicable to container trucks. Forbid repairing the truck if you haven’t been trained. Our product design will update and perform better, so the content in this manual may be not the same as the forklift you owned.

Nissan Forklift Platinum

Nissan Forklift Platinum 2 cushion series Specification.pdf Download

The commutator has four check windows, with which you can observe and maintain the commutator and brush. There are four average distributing magnetic poles in seat. The magnetic pole coil is made of F state copper thread, dipping with F state insulating varnish. Parts of stator and neutral position of brush have been adjusted; users mustn’t unpack and adjust randomly. ·Check armature for rotation and void frictionize. ·Check outgoing line of electric machine for connection ·Brush should slide freely in the brush hold box. ·Check reverse chip for neatness, if need be,clear canaliculus between the reverse chip or the commutator surface of powder, can used cleanly calico of soft and no thread downy , maybe surface had oil ,calico can dip alcohol when wiping (stop process). ·check all fasteners whether fastened. ·brush’s shelf must reliable fastened, can’t become flexible. If need running or disassembly brush’s shelf, must make out marker,can become flexible bolt. When the brush’s shelf reposition, aim at marker line, screw down bolt, in order to keep brush in the former neutral location.

Nissan Service Manual

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