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The Nissan Group (the “Group” or “Nissan”) consists of the Company, subsidiaries, affiliates, and other associated companies. Its main businesses include manufacturing and sales of vehicles and automotive parts. In addition, the Group provides sales finance services to support sales activities of the above businesses.

The Group has established the Global Nissan Head Office tofunction as its global headquarters. It decides group resource allocation to the above respective businesses and manages their business operations group-wide. Also it operates the Global Nissan Group through six Regional Management Committees and handles cross-regional matters such as research & development, purchasing, manufacturing, and so forth.

Nissan Forklift Service, Operator Manuals

Nissan Forklift Diesel 2-3,5 ton Service Guide Download
Nissan Forklift 1F1, 1F2 Series Operator’s Manuals PDF Download
Nissan Forklift LX-series Operstor’s Manual Download
Nissan Forklift Operating Procedures manual Download
Nissan Forklift Operator Checkout Manual Download
Nissan Forklift Owner’s Manual.pdf Download
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Most of the Company’s employees are affiliated with theNISSAN MOTOR WORKERS’ UNION, for which the governing body is the ALL NISSAN AND GENERAL WORKERS UNIONS, and the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (RENGO) through the CONFEDERATION OF JAPAN AUTOMOBILE WORKERS’ UNIONS. The labor-management relations of the Company are stable, andthe number of union members was 25,377 including those of Nissan Motor Kyushu Co., Ltd. as of March 31, 2018.

At most domestic Group companies, employees are affiliated with their respectivetrade unions on a company basis, and the governing body is the ALL NISSAN AND GENERAL WORKERS UNIONS. At foreign Group companies, employees’ rights to select their own trade unions are respected according to the relevant labor laws and labor environment in each country.

Nissan Forklift Manuals PDF