Nissan Forklift Operator Checkout Manual

A Word to NISSAN FORKLIFT Operators
This booklet describes operating procedures, daily cares and simple maintenance for safe usage of your NISSAN FORKLIFT. We urge you to read this booklet carefully before operating the lift truck to familiarize yourself with safety instructions. These instructions will not only reduce mechanical troubles of your lift truck, but may also save your life.

Nissan Forklift Owners Manual If you encounter any problems with your NISSAN FORKLIFT truck, contact the authorized NISSAN FORKLIFT dealer in your area and request a complete check-up. The dealership will insure that your Lift Truck is serviced in accordance with the latest factory approved methods.

This Operator’s Manual has been prepared on the assumption that your truck is fully equipped (including all optional equipment). Thus if you have any questions regarding equipment, please contact your authorized NISSAN FORKLIFT dealer.

Tilt the mast back to the maximumwithout load. Check the approach angle, departure angle, and ramp breakover angle to make sure the underside of the forklift will not contact the load carrying platform or the ground.

When using a gangway, make sure the planks are capable of supporting the truck weight. Drive forklift on and off the carrier slowly. When winching the forklift onto a load carrying platform, be sure to attach the cable to the traction pin. Do not ride on the forklift while it is being winched.

Be sure to use lashing points and firmly secure the truck to the load carrying platform. When hoisting the forklift, be sure to use the lifting points. Turn off the key switch and remove it.

Fuel meter
With the ignition switch ON, the fuel meter indicates the approximate amount of fuel in the tank. Always top up the fuel tank.

Water temperature meter
When the ignition switch is set at ON, the water temperature meter operates and pointer indicates coolant temperature. During ordinary operation, the pointer will remain about the center range of the gauge. If the pointer indicates "H" position and remains there for more than a few minutes, stop the Lift Truck and cool the engine at idling speed. After stopping the engine, check the coolant level and fan belt deflection.

Hour meter
The hour meter operates when the ignition switch is in the ON position. The dial of the hour meter advances one number when the ignition switch remains in the ON position for an hour. Consequently, the number of the hour meter indicates total operating period of hour.

Nissan Forklift Operator Manual

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