Nissan Forklift Operating Procedures manual

Nissan Forklift Operating Procedures manual
How To Operating Nissan Forklift?

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The key switch controls the engine ignition system and most of electrical equipments and has three positions. The key can be inserted or withdrawn only when the key is in the OFF position. To turn on the ignition system as well as other electrical circuits, turn the key to ON position. The start position allows to start engine. After the engine has started, by releasing the key, it will automatically spring back to the ON position.

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The switch controls the headlamps and tail lamps. The lighting switch operates independently of the key switch. Turn the switch knob clockwise. The lamps corresponding with the marked position will come on. For details concerning lamp operation, refer to the table.

Gasoline engine starting (Including LPG vehicles)
The engine is equipped with a fully automatic choke. Follow the procedure outlined below to start the engine. On LPG models, open the discharge valve and then start the engine.

  1. Pull the hand brake lever up as far as possible. Move the forward-reverse lever to the neutral position.
  2. Press the accelerator pedal fully to the floor board (one-time only) and slowly release it. If the engine is warm at starting, it is not necessary to press the accelerator pedal.
  3. Remove your foot from the accelerator pedal. Turn the starter to start the engine.

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This lever is used to change the direction of the lift truck, forward and reverse. If the lever is pushed forward, the lift truck moves forward; if pulled backward, the lift truck moves backward. The midpoint between the forward and reverse positions is the neutral position. The engine must be started with the lever set in the neutral position.