Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, RVR Owners Manual 2015

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, RVR Owners Manual 2015
2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, RVR Owners Manual

This manual includes instructions for standard and optional equipment available at the time of printing. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications and to make additions or improvements in its product without assuming any obligation to install these on previously manufactured products.

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Manual Your Authorized Mitsubishi Motors Dealer will be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have regarding the operation of your vehicle. Please note that this manual applies to all OUTLANDER SPORT/RVR models and explains all features including options. Some features explained in this manual may not be installed on your vehicle. mitsubishi outlander,mirage mitsubishi,mitsubishi mirage,mitsubishi lancer,mitsubishi dealers,mitsubishi dealer,dealership mitsubishi,mitsubishi outlander sport,mitsubishi suv,mitsubishi outlander 2018,2018 mits outlander,mitsubishi 2018 outlander,outlander reviews,car mirage,2020 mitsubishi mirage.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Owner Manual We are confident you will enjoy your vehicle. It has been engineered for optimum performance, durability and comfort. By thoroughly reading this Owner’s Manual, you will gain an understanding of the many features that are included in the OUTLANDER SPORT/RVR. The Owner’s Manual contains descriptions and illustrations that will assist in the operation and maintenance of your vehicle.

If your vehicle becomes stuck in sand, mud or snow

  1. Slowly press down on the accelerator pedal to get your vehicle moving again. For an allwheel drive vehicle, set the drive mode-selector to the "4WD AUTO" or "4WD LOCK" position and then slowly press down on the accelerator pedal to get your vehicle moving.
  2. If there is nothing to stop your tires from slipping, rock your vehicle back and forth to free it.

How to calculate your gasoline mileage
You can calculate your miles per gallon or kilometers per litre by using the following process:

  1. Fill your vehicle’s fuel tank and record the odometer mileage.
  2. Drive your vehicle as you normally do.
  3. Refill the fuel tank. Record the odometer mileage again, as well as the gallons/litres of fuel used.
  4. Subtract the first mileage number from the second number to know how many miles/kilometers were driven. Divide the number of miles/kilometers driven by the number of gallons/litres of fuel used. This is your approximate miles-per-gallon or kilometers-per-litre.


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