Mitsubishi Canter Service Manual

Mitsubishi FUSO Canter offers the ultimate range of light-duty trucks, designed for the modern urban environment and made for business. In city streets, on busy worksites or out on the highway – anywhere performance, agility and efficiency matter – the Canter range is right at home. Each Canter is a specialist, with its own strengths and advantages. Whatever your business priorities, there’s one for you.

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Service Manual
Where access to restricted space is high on the list, the 3.5t urban operator is as easy to manoeuvre and park as most vans, and you can drive it on a standard UK car licence. For bigger jobs, meet the 7.5t workhorse with its class-leading payload. The size of a 7.5t truck with the payload of a 10t truck, the Canter 8.55t weight lifter outperforms others in its class. When work takes you off-road, the all-wheel, all-rounder Canter 4×4 is your capable companion. For environmental credentials and impressive fuel economy, the Canter Eco Hybrid is a true efficiency champion.

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As part of the Daimler Group, your FUSO Canter comes with a very reassuring additional feature the Mercedes-Benz national Dealer network providing service and support and covering the whole of the UK. It’s a network backed by over 80 years of commercial vehicle experience. With Canter, the choice is yours. Four weight classes. Two cab variants. Three engines. Six wheelbases. Find out which one is perfect for your business, now. mitsubishi outlander,mirage mitsubishi,mitsubishi mirage,mitsubishi lancer,mitsubishi dealers,mitsubishi dealer,dealership mitsubishi,mitsubishi outlander sport,mitsubishi suv,mitsubishi outlander 2018,2018 mits outlander,mitsubishi 2018 outlander,outlander reviews,car mirage,2020 mitsubishi mirage.

Mitsubishi Canter Owner's Manual
If you’re driving and working in the crowded streets of Britain’s cities, Canter 3.5t does the job. With the smallest turning circle in its class and a neat cab width of 1.7m or 2m, it gets just about anywhere a van can go – and you can drive it on a standard UK car licence, with no special training. Spacious cabs and independent suspension ensure a comfortable ride, and the longest body length in its segment means there’s plenty of room for the tools and materials of your trade. The Canter 3.5t – the real city slicker of the range.

When work takes you off-road – whether it’s a building site in the city or a remote rural location the Canter 6.5t 4×4 keeps you firmly on the ground. For winter service, or anywhere you’re faced with steep gradients, it’s a natural. Switching easily between two and four-wheel drive, the efficient 3.0-litre Canter 6.5t 4×4 delivers great fuel efficiency. With a robust ladder-type frame for diverse body solutions, it’s ideal for public services, horticulture, landscaping and construction. Put it to the test, on and off-road.

The Canter Eco Hybrid is a genuine pioneer: the first series-production hybrid light-duty truck in Europe. Generating energy as it brakes, the hybrid system reduces fuel consumption by up to 23%*. That can help you pay off the cost premium in a short timeframe while cutting emissions to impressively low levels. With a ten-year warranty on main battery components and the peace of mind that comes with 20 years of hybrid experience, we’re your efficiency champion. If a healthy environment matters to you and your clients, the choice is clear.

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