Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, RVR Owners Manual 2014

What to do if you hear wind buffeting when driving Wind buffeting can be described as the perception of pressure on the ears or a booming or rumbling sound. Your vehicle may exhibit wind buffeting when driving with one or both rear door windows down or partially opened. This is a normal occurrence that can be minimized. If the buffeting occurs with the rear door windows open, open the front door windows as well as the rear door windows to minimize the condition.

4-wheel drive operation
2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Your vehicle has been designed primarily for use on pavement. But its unique 4 -wheel drive system allows you to occasionally travel on unpaved roads, to campgrounds, picnic sites, and similar locations.

Not only does this ensure better handling on dry, paved roads but also permits better traction when driving on slippery, wet or snowcovered roads and when moving out of mud. But it is not suitable for heavy off road use or towing in rough conditions.

It is particularly important to note that 4-wheel drive may not give sufficient hill climbing ability and engine braking on steep slopes. You should try to avoid driving on steep slopes.

Mitsubishi Manual PDF Also, you must exercise caution when driving on sand and mud and when driving through water because sufficient traction may not be available in certain circumstances. Please avoid driving the vehicle through areas where the tires may get stuck in deep sand or mud.

Turning sharp corners
When turning a sharp corner in "4WD LOCK" or "LOCK" position at low speed, a slight difference in steering may be experienced similar to feeling as if the brakes were applied. This is called tight corner braking
and results from each of the four tires being at a different distance from the corner. The phenomenon is typical of 4-wheel drive vehicles. If this occurs, either straighten out the steering wheel or change to another mode.

Driving through water
If the electrical circuits become wet, further operation of the vehicle will be impossible therefore, avoid driving through water unless absolutely necessary. If driving through water is unavoidable, use the following procedure: Check the depth of the water and the terrain before attempting to drive through it. Drive slowly to avoid creating excessive water splashing.

Power brakes
Your vehicle is equipped with power brakes for more braking force with less brake pedal effort. Your brakes are designed to operate at full capacity, even if the power assist is not being used.

If the power assist is not being used, the effort needed to press the brake pedal is greater. If you should lose the power assist for some reason, the brakes will still work. If the power brake unit or either of the two brake hydraulic systems stops working properly, the rest of the brake system will still work, but the vehicle will not slow down as quickly.

You will know this has happened if you find you need to press the brake down farther, or harder when slowing down or stopping, or if the brake warning light and the warning display in the multi-information display come on. Have the brake system repaired at an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer or a repair facility of your choice immediately.

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, RVR Owners Manual

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