Mitsubishi Fuso FG Owner's Manual 2010

Mitsubishi Fuso FG Owner's Manual 2010
2010 Mitsubishi Fuso FG Owner’s Manual

2010 Mitsubishi Fuso part catalog Thank you for purchasing a Mitsubishi Fuso FE, FG Truck. This Owner’s Manual explains proper vehicle handling, simple maintenance practices, and the periodic maintenance schedule to ensure that you are able to drive your vehicle safely and comfortably. As improper use of the vehicle may result in a breakdown or cause an accident, we urge you to read this handbook thoroughly before operating the vehicle. Please keep this manual in the vehicle so it is always available for reference. If you sell the vehicle, make sure the next owner receives this manual and is aware of its contents.

Checking your vehicle at regular intervals is very important for maximizing performance and extending service life. It is recommended that you make a habit of performing the following inspections. This manual describes simple maintenance checks and procedures that can be carried out by the owner. If you have difficulty or your vehicle needs maintenance work that is not shown in this manual, please refer to an authorized dealer. mitsubishi outlander,mirage mitsubishi,mitsubishi mirage,mitsubishi lancer,mitsubishi dealers,mitsubishi dealer,dealership mitsubishi,mitsubishi outlander sport,mitsubishi suv,mitsubishi outlander 2018,2018 mits outlander,mitsubishi 2018 outlander,outlander reviews,car mirage,2020 mitsubishi mirage.

New vehicle inspection
After you have driven the first 4,000 km (2,500 miles), your vehicle requires a special inspection and adjustments to compensate for the initial settlement of various parts. When the distance has been reached, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized dealer by showing them this Owner’s Manual.

Pre-operational check
Make a habit of checking your vehicle at the start of every day’s operation. This will ensure safe and comfortable operation.

Periodic inspection
In addition to maximizing the vehicle’s working life, regular inspections also help prevent accidents. Periodic inspection is based on either the distance traveled (odometer reading) or period of use (months/years). The intervals between and content of periodic inspections are as shown in the Maintenance Schedule section. Please adhere to the maintenance schedule carefully.

Diesel fuel to be used in your engine
Use only a ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (with a sulfur content of 15 ppm or lower) for refueling your Mitsubishi Fuso diesel engine. Otherwise, the catalyst inside the diesel particulate filter (DPF) will not work effectively and the DPF’s performance of removing small particles (particulate matter or PM) in exhaust gases will be degraded. Furthermore, your truck will not meet emission regulations if you replenish it with a non-approved fuel.


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