Mini Roadster Owner’s and Service Manual

The MINI Roadster is available in two non-metallic and six metallic paint finishes. Pepper White? Chili Red? Or Spice Orange, maybe? Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to look good. And in the great tradition of British headwear, there’s a fabric soft-top in Black to top it all off. The armrest in the door and the knee roll are available in five Colour Line colours, while there is a choice of seven different options for the interior surfaces. And then there’s the 13 different upholsteries on offer for the seats. Good luck choosing!

Misano, Amsterdam, Silverstone and Le Castellet – four towns in four countries, all with one thing in common: for a few days, they’ve all been the most attractive town in the world – at least for MINI fans, owners, and connoisseurs. The MINI United open air festival is where the MINI community comes together to enjoy a spectacular mix of music, motor sports and lifestyle activities. 

The real attractions at this event are, of course, the MINI models. Connoisseurs’ favourites like the 1959 Classic Mini get the full red carpet treatment. Hot on their heels come ultra-stylish models, race cars and a few surprises to boot – in short, MINI United has all it takes to quicken the pulse of MINI fans of all ages. Because some things,
after all, never go out of fashion. Like the low centre of gravity, short wheelbase and legendary go-kart feeling all MINI models are famous for – or those eye-catching lines and that distinctive profile. And not forgetting those all-important Chrome elements that make an exceptional car a MINI, just as they always have done.

Most people would turn weak at the knees, but for adventurous spirits, it’s a sight to make the spirits soar: the MINI Coupé. Built for pure driving excitement.

The MINI Coupé and MINI Roadster are genuine sports cars, with a low seating position, direct steering, and stiff bodywork. This uncompromising concept is no better expressed than in the John Cooper Works models. The MINI John Cooper Works Coupé and MINI John Cooper Works Roadster boast a 211-horsepower 1.6-litre TwinScroll turbo engine, and offer up to 280 newton-metres of torque – enough to satisfy the most discerning MINI aficionados. A wide range of modifications have been made to the vehicle’s design and technology, in order to get the most out of this enviable power, resulting in a driving experience that is out of this world.

Mini Roadster Maintenance and Owner’s Manuals

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DESIGN: DYNAMIC: The heavily slanted front windscreen and low roof create a sweeping profile. Together with the sport stripes and active rear spoiler, this makes for a look which isn’t just elegant, but exudes speed.
ENGINE: POWERFUL: The four-cylinder twin-scroll turbo engine fitted to the MINI Cooper S Coupé was voted Best Engine Of The Year1 in its class five years in a row. This state-of-the-art power plant is just one of the reasons why this is such a pulse-racing sports car.

Now every corner is an experience to remember. Laid-back styling, smart technology and the trademark MINI driving experience make this two-seater a stimulating companion on any road trip. The punchy engine of the MINI Roadster powers it on towards its next adventure. And if you’d rather face that with the roof up, all it takes is a matter of seconds.

Following in the tyre tracks of a legend: the first MINI John Cooper Works Roadster has a rich tradition of driving fun to live up to. For extra excitement, it comes with a Sport button and an overboost function. An exciting range of interior equipment and optional exclusive Recaro sport seats, featuring Dinamica/leather combination upholstery in Carbon Black, are sure to get hearts beating even faster. So climb in, and get ready to rock.

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