Mini Coupe Owner’s and Service Manual

Most people would turn weak at the knees, but for adventurous spirits, it’s a sight to make the spirits soar: the MINI Coupé. Built for pure driving excitement. The MINI Coupé is licensed to thrill. Dynamic styling and contrasting sport stripes ensure it makes an impact from any angle. So sit back and admire the view.

The MINI Coupé and MINI Roadster are genuine sports cars, with a low seating position, direct steering, and stiff bodywork. This uncompromising concept is no better expressed than in the John Cooper Works models. The MINI John Cooper Works Coupé and MINI John Cooper Works Roadster boast a 211-horsepower 1.6-litre TwinScroll turbo engine, and offer up to 280 newton-metres of torque – enough to satisfy the most discerning MINI aficionados. A wide range of modifications have been made to the vehicle’s design and technology, in order to get the most out of this enviable power, resulting in a driving experience that is out of this world.

Adventurers have to make some tough decisions in life – like whether to go for the Cooper, Cooper S, Cooper SD or John Cooper Works. Then there’s a whole host of different colours, seats, upholsteries, interiors and trims to choose from. Being spoilt for choice has never been so much fun.

mini cooper coupé.
First impressions count: on the MINI Cooper Coupé, the radiator grille slats are chrome-plated, the exterior mirrors are finished in the same contrast colour as the roof, and the side scuttles with built-in white direction indicator lights are in black. Chrome elements such as the exhaust tailpipe and tailgate handle add emphasis to the powerful rear end of the car.

Mini Coupe Maintenance and Owner’s Workshop Manual

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The MINI Cooper S Coupé is not afraid to show what it’s got, with a sporty hexagon-look radiator grille, a central air intake in the bonnet, and a front bumper featuring two separate air ducts to cool the brakes. At the rear, the exhaust system has two stylish chrome-plated tailpipes.

With 305 Nm available at just 1,750 rpm, the MINI Cooper SD Coupé is the sports coupé that walks the torque. Visually it looks just as dynamic as the MINI Cooper S Coupé: the side scuttles with white direction indicator lights are chrome-plated, and bear the red MINI Cooper S emblem.

Even when the MINI Coupé is not moving it looks quick. Where the roof is in black, the sport stripes on the bonnet and rear are in the same colour. However, the roof stripes are in Body Colour, making a striking contrast. Sport stripes can also be found on the MINI Roadster, on the bonnet and rear.

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