MG6 Service and Owner’s Manual

The Owner's Handbook
This handbook describes all of the vehicles and standard equipment specification within the model range. Some of the information therefore, may not apply to your particular car. Always remember that if you have any queries concerning the operation or specification of your car, your MG Authorised Repairer will be glad to advise you.

MG6 Owner’s Manual
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MG MG6 (2015MY) Owner’s Manual
MG MG6 Owners Handbook
MG MG6 Owner’s Handbook Manual
MG6 Service Manual
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MG 6 2011 Service Manual

Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge
The engine coolant temperature is indicated by the number and colour of segments illuminated (figure 1). When the coolant temperature is low, the first (lowest) segment is illuminated blue. When the engine is operating at its normal temperature, the first to fifth white segments are illuminated white. When sixth red segment is illuminated, the high temperature warning indicator located in the instrument pack illuminates and the message High Engine Temp will appear in the message centre. When the coolant temperature rises above the 7th segment temperature threshold, the high coolant temperature warning lamp will flash simultaneously with the message High Engine Temp appearing again in the message centre.

High engine coolant temperature could result severe damage. Stop the vehicle and switch off the engine as soon as safety permits and seek MG Authorised Repairer at the earliest opportunity. If the engine coolant temperature sensor malfunctions, all segments will extinguish and the high temperature warning

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