Mazda Tribute 2010 Owner’s Manual

Mazda Tribute 2010 Owner’s Manual
Mazda Tribute 2010

This Owner’s Manual describes every option and model variant available and therefore some of the items covered may not apply to your particular vehicle. Furthermore, due to printing cycles it may describe options before they are generally available. Remember to pass on the Owner’s Manual when reselling the vehicle. It is an integral part of the vehicle.

Mazda Tribute 2010 User Manual
The New Vehicle Limited Warranty includes Bumper to Bumper Coverage, Safety Restraint Coverage and Corrosion Coverage. In addition, your vehicle is eligible for Emissions Defect and Emissions Performance Warranties. For a detailed description of what is covered and what is not covered, refer to the Warranty Guide that is provided to you along with your Owner’s Manual.

Airbag readiness: If this light fails to illuminate when the ignition is turned to on, continues to flash or remains on, have the system serviced immediately by an authorized Mazda dealer. A chime will sound when there is a malfunction in the indicator light.

Engine oil pressure: Illuminates when the oil pressure falls below the normal range, refer to Engine oil in the Maintenance and Specifications chapter.

Stability control/Traction control: Illuminates when the Stability Control/Traction control systems are active. If the light remains on, have the system serviced immediately, refer to the Driving chapter for more information. mazda cx5,cx5 mazda,mazda 3,mazda miata,miata,mazda cx30,mazda dealer,mazda dealerships,mazda cx 9,mazda rx7,mazda cx 5 2020,,2020 mazda cx 5,2020 mazda cx-5,cx 5,mazda3,mazda3 sedan,mazda 3 sedan,mazda dealer usa,mazda dealerships location,mazda houston,mazda cx 9 dimensions,mazda cx 50,mazdacx50,mazdacx 5 redesign,2022 mazda cx 5,dealer mazda, mazda cx 9 car and driver,car and driver mazda cx 9, mazda 2022.

Low tire pressure warning: Illuminates when your tire pressure is low. If the light remains on at start up or while driving, the tire pressure should be checked. Refer to Inflating your tires in the Tires, Wheels and Loading chapter. When the ignition is first turned to on, the light will illuminate for three seconds to ensure the bulb is working. If the light does not turn on or begins to flash, have the system inspected by your authorized dealer. For more information on this system, refer to Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in the Tires, Wheels and Loading chapter.

Low fuel: Illuminates when the fuel level in the fuel tank is at or near empty (refer to Fuel gauge in this chapter).

Overdrive cancel and grade assist (if equipped): Illuminates when the overdrive function of the transmission has been turned off and the grade assist function has been turned on, refer to the Driving chapter.


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