Mazda Tribute 2008 Owner’s Manual

Mazda Tribute 2008 Owner’s Manual
Mazda Tribute 2008

Mazda Tribute 2008 Autolamp control
The autolamp system provides light sensitive automatic on-off control of the exterior lights normally controlled by the headlamp control. The autolamp system is factory programmed to keep the lights on for 20 seconds after the ignition switch is turned to off. This delay can be programmed, using the procedure listed below, to any value up to 180 seconds. It can also be programmed through the message center.

Mazda Tribute 2008 Autolamp delay system
With autolamps, you can set the delay time to keep the headlights on for up to three minutes after the key is turned off. The delay time is set to 20 seconds at the factory, but the delay time may be changed by following the steps below (Steps 1 through 6 must be done within 10 seconds).

  1. Turn the key to the off position.
  2. Rotate the headlamp control to the autolamp position.
  3. Rotate the headlamp control to the off position.
  4. Turn the key to the on position.
  5. Turn the key back to the off position.
  6. Turn the headlamp control to the autolamp position (the headlights should turn on).
  7. Turn the headlamp control to the off position when the desired delay time (up to 3 minutes) has been reached.

Use to adjust the brightness of the instrument panel and all applicable switches in the vehicle during headlamp and parking lamp operation. Move the control to the full upright position, past detent, to turn on the interior lamps. Rotate to full down position (past detent) to prevent interior lamps from illuminating when the doors are opened. mazda cx5,cx5 mazda,mazda 3,mazda miata,miata,mazda cx30,mazda dealer,mazda dealerships,mazda cx 9,mazda rx7,mazda cx 5 2020,,2020 mazda cx 5,2020 mazda cx-5,cx 5,mazda3,mazda3 sedan,mazda 3 sedan,mazda dealer usa,mazda dealerships location,mazda houston,mazda cx 9 dimensions,mazda cx 50,mazdacx50,mazdacx 5 redesign,2022 mazda cx 5,dealer mazda, mazda cx 9 car and driver,car and driver mazda cx 9, mazda 2022.

Note: If the battery is disconnected, discharged, or a new battery is installed, the dimmer switch requires re-calibration. Rotate the dimmer switch from the full dim position to the full dome/on position to reset. This will ensure that your displays are visible under all lighting conditions.

The headlamps on your vehicle are properly aimed at the assembly plant. If your vehicle has been in an accident the alignment of your headlamps should be checked by your authorized dealer.


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