Mahindra 555DI-605DI Parts Manual

Mahindra 555DI-605DI Parts Manual
Mahindra 555DI

We are pleased to present the Supplementary Parts Catalogue of “Arjun 605 DI Dlx, 555 DI Dlx & 445 DI Dlx” Tractors. This Supplementary Parts Catalogue contains exclusive (uncommon) parts used on the above model. For other common parts refer the Regular Arjun Parts Catalogue(0000ARJPC01). The following points will help you to understand the Usage of the Supplementary Parts Catalogue.

  • Suffix “A” written against Reference Number denotes regular Arjun Part used in the tractor
  • Suffix “R” written against Reference Number denotes part adopted from existing Non Arjun models.
  • Symbol “‡” given in the Part Number column denotes, Part is Not Serviced Seperately. Also the remark is given below each page.
  • Symbol “*” denotes, Part is Not Illustrated.
  • For ease of understanding of Exclusive/Uncommon parts in an assembly, the Exclusive/Uncommon Parts are highlighted where as the Regular Parts are indicated in light shade.

We hope this Supplementary Parts Catalogue will serve useful to you. For any further help or queries contact at the below mentioned address.


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