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Mack Pinnacle
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From our popular DayCab model to an army of sleepers, the Mack Pinnacle offers a comfort level that fits every type of driver. Our DayCabis best suited for local trips while our 48- and 56-inch flat-top sleeper models are ideal for overnight hauls or day trips with long waits.Our 60- and 70-inch mid-rise sleepers are ideal for regional hauling. The 70-inch high-rise sleeper is spacious, features plenty of headroom and helps drivers make long-distance runs comfortably. All of our sleeper models are loaded with amenities to make life on the road easier.

The Pinnacle tractor in an axle back configuration (shown this page) boasts sleek lines that look good and improve aerodynamics.And the axle positioning delivers maximum maneuverability as the front axles are set back on the frame to improve the turning radius.

  1. AERODYNAMIC DESIGN:The Mack Bulldog sits low on Pinnacle’s sloped hood providing improved aerodynamics on the road and excellent visibility. And the larger radiator opening provides better cooling with less fan engagement.
  2. DURABLE HEADLIGHTS:The LEXAN headlight covers are impact resistant and offer easy access for replacing bulbs without a single tool. VERSATILE BUMPER:The durable bumper is designed with dual tow clevises, and is also equipped with fog lights for better visibility in inclement weather.
  3. SPLASH SHIELDS:Hood splash shields keep the engine compartment clean extending component life, and they lift with the hood to create more room for vehicle maintenance and service.
  4. DURABLE HOOD:Hood isolators allow the hood to flex independently from the cab for increased durability over rough terrain.
  5. GALVANIZED STEEL CAB:Pinnacle’s durable galvanized steel cab is mounted on airbags and shocks and stabilized with sway bars, so while the truck soaks up the rough stuff, the driver stays comfortable, rested and productive.RUBBER-SEALED WINDSHIELD:A two-piece windshield is isolated in a rubber seal, which puts less stress on the windshield and makes it easier to replace at less cost. An optional one-piece windshield is available. COLLAPSIBLE MIRRORS:Collapsible mirrors fold to eliminatedoor sheet metal damage in tight jobsite conditions. Heated, lighted and motorized mirrors are available.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of thePinnacle is a lot like sitting in a cockpit. The dash wraps around so all switches and controls are close to the driver. There’s no stretching, so there’s less fatigue. Lighting controls can be reached from the ground to facilitate pre-trip inspections. The standard instrument cluster has been enhanced to includeintegrated gauge warning lamps, an engine oil temperature gauge, a digital voltmeter and a water-in-fuel indicator. A large, easy-to-read, standard driver display features an odometer, maintenance indicator, hourmeter, Sweet Spot indicator and an ambient temperature gauge, to name a few.

STEERING COLUMN:The steering column can be adjusted to an infinite number of positions for maximum comfort, increased belly room and improved visibility of all gauges by simply pressing the quick-release foot pedal.

Pinnacle has a spacious cab that defines comfort. Its ergonomic design gives drivers plenty of leg, belly and headroom. Air-suspended cab mountings protect drivers from harsh, rough roads. Getting in and out of the cab is nearly effortless thanks to the strategically placed steps and grab handles. And the interior is easy to clean from the tough, paw-print signature floor mat to the beautiful dash.

  1. SUPERIOR CAB LIGHTING:The Pinnacle cab features best-in-class,four-point cab lighting that reduces dangerous glare and illuminates key spots in the cab. Optional ambient red floor lighting offers subtle, indirect lighting for locating stored or dropped objects. Either the driver’s footwell area or the entire floor can be illuminated.
  2. LIGHTING CONTROLS:Lighting controls can be easily accessed from the ground to facilitate pre-trip inspections.
  3. OVERHEAD STORAGE:The cab has plenty of convenient storage bins as the roomy overhead console is divided into three compartments — with netting to better hold your belongings, and a center compartment ideal for mounting a CB radio.
  4. STAY ORGANIZED:There’s a place in this cab for all your stuff. DayCab drivers will find a large dispatch box in the rear panel for more storage, as well as a specially designed peg to hang a trash bag. All models feature large cup holders that are easy to reach and positioned a safe distance from electronics in case of spills.


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