2010 US Titan by Mack (TD700 Series) Operator's Manual

2010 US Titan by Mack (TD700 Series) Operator's Manual
US Titan by Mack (TD700 Series) Operator's Manual PDF

Thank you for buying a MACK vehicle. With proper care and maintenance, your new Mack TD700 model will help you gain a competitive edge with its fuel-efficient drivetrain combinations, low maintenance, extended service intervals and, eventually, good resale value.

The Mack TD700 model is available for a wide range of applications. Because of this versatility, drivetrains and components vary and operating instructions may differ from one model to another. While every effort has been made to cover all current arrangements, do not hesitate to consult your MACK distributor if a question arises. Honest, personal service is standard with every MACK sale.

About This Handbook
This handbook is referred to as the Mack TD700 Series Operator’s Handbook. It covers all Mack TD700 models. Its identification number is 213946521. Keep this handbook with the vehicle at all times to ensure that each owner and/or operator will have access to all pertinent information relating to the operation and handling of this vehicle.

Automatic Traction Control Switch/Heavy Mud/Snow – Activate for
increased traction control in heavy mud or snow. (See “Automatic Traction Control (ATC) (If Equipped)”, page 161 in the Operation section of this manual for more details.) When the operator presses the top of the rocker switch, the heavy mud/snow function ATC indicator lamp blinks continuously. The ATC lamp stops blinking when the ATC mode switch is pressed again or ignition key cycled.

Daytime running lights offer additional safety when driving in low light conditions when the operator may not normally turn the headlights on. Having headlights on at all times makes the vehicle easier to spot in bad weather, dusk or shade or when there is glare. DRL offers the ability for drivers to give a courtesy flash as a signal when it is safe to merge into another lane on the highway. Turning DRL off temporarily for slowly rolling through weigh stations or when waiting in line to receive bill and weighing tickets is convenient. When the operator presses the DRL override switch, the headlamps will go out if below the DRL speed threshold and flash if above the DRL speed threshold for a designated period of time (customer programmable in VCADS). It is also possible to toggle the headlamps back on if necessary.

Although this quality-built vehicle has been inspected, lubricated and adjusted at the MACK Trucks Assembly Plant, an occasional air, oil or coolant leak may develop. Quick action to correct these minor items will prevent a major repair later. Take the vehicle to the nearest MACK service center as soon as any abnormal condition becomes evident.