Mack Pinnacle (CXU) Operator's Manual PDF

Mack Pinnacle (CXU) Operator's Manual PDF
Mack Pinnacle (CXU) Operator's Handbook

About This Handbook
This handbook is referred to as the MACK Pinnacle CXU Series Operator's Handbook. It covers all MACK® Pinnacle CXU models. Its identification number is 22470031. Keep this handbook with the vehicle at all times to ensure that each owner and/or operator will have access to all pertinent information relating to the operation and handling of this vehicle. This handbook was prepared to provide the driver with all relevant information concerning the daily operation of this vehicle. Please read it thoroughly pay particular attention to advisory labels that have been included to draw attention to important issues of operator safety and overall performance.

Starting on the next page are suggested guidelines to be used in performing truck, tractor and trailer pre-trip inspections. Depending on the application of the vehicle being used, these guidelines should be modified to include other necessary inspection points. For example, steps and grab handles should be checked daily on refuse trucks because the operator is getting in and out of the cab more frequently.

If any component or system does not pass this inspection, it must be corrected before operating the vehicle. Whenever equipment requires adjustment, replacement, repair or lubrication, refer to the Service Manuals or contact an authorized MACK Trucks Truck dealer for the correct procedures, specifications and intervals. Take your time going through the pre-trip inspection. Remember that a careful pre-trip inspection saves time by eliminating unscheduled stops for correcting a faulty item.

Disc Brake Check
During each pre-trip inspection, the disc brakes should be checked for excessive brake lining and rotor wear. To perform this check complete the following steps:

  1. Each disc brake lining has a visual wear indicator. Find the visual wear indicator and confirm that the lining is within specifications.
  2. Examine the brake rotors for excessive wear and damage. Inspect both sides of the rotor for excessive wear, heat checks, cracks, deep grooves or scoring, and bluing. Light surface heat checks are normal and do not warrant service. If the brakes or any part of the vehicle covered in the pretrip inspection are deemed inoperable, take the vehicle for service at a MACK Trucks Trucks certified dealer.

To close and lock the fairings: Use your fingers to reach over the top of the fairing. Locate the two paddle handles. Pull the handles up into the unlocked position as indicated in the illustration. To close, push with your palms against the fairings. Once the fairing is closed, make sure both handles are returned to the locked position. Also, lightly tug on the lower fairing to ensure that the handle pin is properly seated.

Locking the Cab Door
The doors can be locked using the manual door lock (item 1 in the illustration) or a power door lock switch (item 4 in the illustration). Power door lock switches (on both sides of the cab) lock and unlock both cab doors at the same time. To lock the doors, push the rear of the rocker switch. To unlock the doors, push the front of the rocker switch. To lock with the door open, push the lock lever forward and release. The lock lever will return to the home position and the door will be locked when closed. To unlock, pull the paddle and open the door.


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