Mack DM, DMM Series Operators Manual

This handbook is referred to as the MR Series Operators Handbook. It covers all MR models. Its identification number is TS50801. Keep this handbook with the vehicle at all times to ensure that each owner and/or operator will have access to all pertinent information relating to the operation and handling of this vehicle.

This handbook was prepared to provide the driver with all relevant information concerning the daily operation of this vehicle. Please read it thoroughly; pay particular attention to advisory labels that have been included to draw attention to important issues of operator safety and overall performance.

The MR model has a low-entry, cab-forward-style operators compartment. Low profile and excellent visibility make this model popular throughout the refuse-hauling, construction and firefighting industries.

The Vehicle Management andControl System (V-MAC) is an electronic control system that manages engine and vehicle functions. In addition, the DataMax portion of V-MAC monitors and stores a variety of information (i.e., maintenance schedules, overspeed logs, fault tables, trip summaries).

The MACK Standard Vehicle Warranty applies to the air brake system, as set forth in the Warranty, but only if the air brake system has not been subjected to unauthorized additions, deletions or modifications. If any such unauthorized additions, deletions or modifications are performed, Mack Trucks, Inc. disclaims any and all liability for any loss or damage arising out of a malfunction of the air brake system.

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