Instructions For Use Kuhn Rikon DUROTHERM

Instructions For Use Kuhn Rikon DUROTHERM
Kuhn Rikon DUROTHERM Instructions For Use Manual

Please read carefully through the instructions for use before using for the fi rst time and wash out cookware, lids and kitchen gadgets with hot water and a washing-up liquid.

The unique double-walled DUROTHERM system lets you cook with very little water leave covered on the hotplate briefly, then place on the heat-retaining base to keep food aromatic with fresh-coloured vegetables full of vitamins. And your DUROTHERM is so well insulated that food stays hot for up to two hours.

  • Innovative premium cookware with multiple uses: cook – serve – keep food hot all with the same pan!
  • Easy, healthy gentle cooking: your DUROTHERM does nearly everything for you. All vitamins and nutrients are retained during cooking.
  • Classically elegant design
  • Suitable for all kinds of cooking: conventional cooking, low-water cooking (simmering or gentle cooking) and stewing, steaming, cooking in a waterbath, tower cooking and steam stewing
  • Food stays hot for up to two hours
  • You save up to 60% energy, depending on cooking method
  • Superthermic® sandwich base – for optimal heat distribution and high retention
  • Suitable for all types of hob. When using the cookware on induction hobs, discolouration of the outer shell is possible. This does not mean that function is impaire.
  • KUHN RIKON quality – made in Switzerland


This cookware complies with the applicable safety standards, but improper use may lead to damage and/or injury. So please read the entire operating instructions before using your DUROTHERM cookware, and keep them.

Correct use
DUROTHERM cookware is intended for cooking and keeping food warm for serving. It can be used on all domestic and restaurant stoves. The double-walled version of this cookware is not intended for use in ovens, due to the insulation effected by the double walls. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage caused by not following the safety instructions and warnings.

Safety element
The safety element is located under one of the two grips. In the case of a leak, mostly caused by a fall, a heavy impact or a leak in the safety element, water could penetrate into the hollow space. When the cookware is heated up, a steam over-pressure could thereby develop. This will activate the safety element.

If the following symptoms are detected, the cookware should no longer be used and you should contact the nearest KUHN RIKON Service Station:

  • Visible escape of steam below a grip
  • Audible escape of steam below a grip
  • A grip becomes hot, noticeably hotter than the other
  • The safety element is missing or has fallen out
  • Audible water noises in the hollow space

Soft Cooking
Thanks to the double wall of your DUROTHERM, for many dishes you can put it on the heat-retaining base a third of the way through the cooking time. Then the food goes on simmering until cooking is completed – with up to 60% energy savings (please also refer to the DUROTHERM Cooking Times, Art.40533).

With the lid on, steam on a good medium heat with or without fat, oil or butter. As soon as the food is slightly coloured, turn down to the lowest heat.

Roasting without fat (ideal for meat, but not suitable for Rösti [Swiss hashed potatoes])
Heat the empty DUROTHERM on gas/induction hobs approx. 1 minute, on electric/glass ceramic hobs approx. 3 minutes. Do a sizzle test: the correct roasting temperature has only been reached when water drops you put in the pan “dance” around the bottom. If they simply evaporate, the pan is not hot enough yet. Add the food to be roasted (without fat: lean meat just has to be rubbed lightly with oil), and roast without putting the lid on. Turn the food over as soon as it no longer adheres to the bottom of the pan. Do not season or add salt until roasting is finished.

Heat the empty DUROTHERM on gas/induction hobs approx. 1 minute, on electric/glass ceramic hobs approx. 3 minutes. Do a sizzle test (see Roasting without fat). Set the heat to medium. Add fat, oil or butter. Add the food to be roasted and brown it all over.

Cooking in a waterbath/bain-marie
For delicate cremes and sauces the special waterbath insert is recommended (see DUROTHERM accessories on pages 58–59).


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