Kubota M5-091, M5-111 Tractor Operators Manual

Kubota M5-091
Disengage the PTO, lower all implements to the ground, place all control levers in their neutral positions, set the parking brake, stop the engine,remove the key from the ignition and lock the cab door (if equipped). Leaving transmission in gear with the engine stopped will not prevent tractor from rolling. Make sure that the tractor has come to a complete stop before dismounting. Make sure that the tractor has come to a complete stop before dismounting.

Do not work under any hydraulically supporteddevices. They can settle, suddenly leak down, or beaccidentally lowered. If it is necessary to work undertractor or any machine elements for servicing oradjustment, securely support them with stands orsuitable blocking beforehand.

Kubota M5-111
Optional equipments such as OPS (Operator Protective Structure), FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure), etc. to deal with these hazards and other related hazards are not available for this tractor. Without such optional equipment use is limited to tractor specific applications like transport and stationary work.

DAILY CHECK: To prevent trouble from occurring, it is important to know the condition of the tractor well. Check it before starting.
Check item:

  1. Walk around inspection
  2. Check engine oil level
  3. Check transmission oil level
  4. Check coolant level
  5. Check water separator
  6. Clean grill and radiator screen
  7. Clean intercooler
  8. Clean oil cooler
  9. Clean fuel cooler
  10. Check DPF/SCR muffler
  11. Check air cleaner evacuator valve(When used in a dusty place)
  12. Check air cleaner dust indicator(When used in a dusty place)
  13. Check brake pedal
  14. Check indicators, gauges and meter
  15. Check lights
  16. Check seat belt and ROPS
  17. Check movable parts
Kubota M5-091, M5-111 Operators Manual

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