Kubota U17 Excavator Operators Manual

Kubota U17 Excavator Operators Manual
Kubota U17 Excavator User Manual

Kubota excavators manual
Kubota U17 Excavator and some attachments have components that are at high temperatures under normal operating conditions. The primary source of high temperatures is the engine and exhaust system. The electrical system, if damaged or incorrectly maintained, can be a source of arcing or sparks.The following fire prevention guidelines will help to keep your equipment up and running efficiently and keep the risk of fire to a minimum.


  1. Get into and out of the machine safely.Always face the machine. Always use handrails and available steps and keep yourself well balanced. Do not hold any of the control Ievers and switches. Do not jump on or off the machine, whether stationary or in motion.
  2. Start and control the excavator only fromthe operator’s seat. The driver should notlean out of his seat when the engine isrunning.
  3. Before starting the engine, make surethat all control levers (including auxiliarycontrol levers) are in their neutralpositions. Before starting the engine, make sure that the control levers, travel lever,pedals and other control elements are not stuck and can be moved smoothly.If stuck, for example, a lever may fail to return, possibly putting you in danger.If anything wrong is found, immediately pinpoint the cause and correct it.
  4. Do not start the engine by jumpingthe starter connections. Do not try tocircumvent using the starter switch,otherwise the engine could start suddenlyand the excavator could move.

Before doing maintenance work on the excavator, place the machine on a firm, flat and level surface, Iower the attachments on the ground, stop the engine then remove the key and release the cylinder pressure by actuating the levers. When dismantling hydraulic parts, make sure that the hydraulic oil has cooled down sufficiently to avoid burns.


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